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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Apparently you (it's probably just me) can't see the picture of Devon.

that's him. my main man. not really my main man, but pretty much. his leg looks weird.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So I am super super grateful for all the missionaries out there right now. like SUPAH grateful. but I wish I could just skip this age where all of the guys my age are gone and off in far away lands.

Yes, I stole these pictures off of facebook. Yes I know I'm a creep. But they'll never know......shhhh....
Aaron Light: He didn't really have any "missionary" pictures, so this is what we got. Aaron is from Montana, and I met him up at BYU-Idaho, and I'm pretty much in love with this kid. We write each other every week because he's still in the MTC and I seriously do not know what I'm going to do when he goes to the Philippines. His letters are always like I'm trying to break a code because he's in the process of learning Tagalog, and I'm his guinea pig. So when I translate it on google translator (I love Google!) it always comes out in broken English, or it doesn't even translate. I wish he was going somewhere Spanish speaking, that I could understand. He's only been out for 2 months, and always has the best letters.
Devon Nitta: My half Japanese man!! I miss him terribly and now it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for my letters to get to Argentina and seems like an ETERNITY since I've talked to him via letters. But he sent me and Amelia a tape, which was him mostly talking about food, but it was sooooo nice to hear him talking in his white/japanese/black voice! Which reminds me, I need to send him a tape. He's been out for I think 8 months now? About that. I miss him!

JEFF!: So Jeff didn't have any missionary pictures either, maybe it was just Devon. But Jeff, I'm pretty sure I don't miss him as much as I know who, but I still miss him. He's such a ball of light, and so pure. I'm almost 100% positive that he will enjoy his mission. Unless he gets robbed or something, but knowing him, he'll see the silver lining and think that the person that robbed them needed their valuables more than they needed it.
FREAKIN GARETT!!!: I'm probably the worst friend when it comes to writing him, but I truly miss him with all my heart. He is sooooooo nice and sweet. I should write him. After this I will. Because I don't even know what's going on in his mission or how he is doing. Great, probably.
Neal: Yeah, I don't really miss him too much....because I don't honestly know him or got too close to him. But I feel like I am because Brother Rummler always talks about him at work. I wrote him once....but we'll see if he has the chance to write back. He's been out for 10-11 months? Something like that. He is worth putting in here because I know a lot about his mission.
David: Yes. I miss him. He's in Japan, and loving it! His mom constantly tells me how he's doing, and I just let her tell me. It's hard to hear stories about him, but I would rather have it that way then not hear about it at all. He's been out for approx. 8 months I think.

Those are the missionaries I can think of off the top of my head, and I feel like I'm missing one, but I guess those are the important ones?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rexburg Visit!!!

So I visited Rexburg, Idaho. I am still here and I can't fall asleep, and I realized I haven't blogged in awhile. (I only thought old ladies and moms could use that word, but it turns out I can say it too!) So, it has been good up here. I got here, gave Kendra a super super big hug!! And then I went to say hello to JT Hurt, and hung out with him for a little bit. And on Saturday I woke up, took cousin Skyler to Ramirez's (best freaking Mexican restaurant in Rexburg) and then went over to Lauren's apartment, who was soooo happy to see me!! She was probably my favorite person to hug when I saw her. We watched Psych and then I went to her Stake Conference. Then after that, I went on a date with Skyler's roommate, Evan, who is so precious. He's still like a little boy and just has the purest face I have ever seen. We went lazer tagging and the gentleman that he is, guarded me. It didn't help much because I came in second to last on our team. But it was okay, I'm glad that one of my skills is not lazer tagging. It would be nice to be good at it, but I guess it doesn't look too good on a job application. Then we went to this pretzel place and got gooood pretzels and came back and watched Singles Ward the movie, and I forgot how funny that movie actually was, especially watching it and being in the Singles Ward. But then I went back to Laurens apartment and we watched Leap Year, which was super predictable but really cute and actually kind of funny. But I fell asleep while Lauren and Kylie were talking, and then kept waking up because Kylie was still sitting where my feet were and I felt bad if I extended them, but I kept doing that in my sleep. But then on Sunday, I went to their Stake Conference and then visited Jordan, Will, Matt, and met Matt's little brother Joe, who is adorable. Then we went back to Lauren's apartment, made spaghetti and homemade meatballs which were scrumptious! And then I went back to Jordan's apartment, and hung out there until curfew, and then came back to the yellow house and talked to Kendra for a bit. I miss Rexburg, but only because of the people, I don't miss the school or sharing with girls at all, but I know I have to come back. Eventually.....

Friday, October 15, 2010

Being Sick


whenever youre going through life and your super busy and exhausted you want to just have a day or two to relax. but then when you do get that chance and your sick all you want to do is get better and go do something! I dont get it.
Anyways. Just have been home. With the stomach flu, which is my least favorite form of sickness. I've been locked up in my room for the past 2 days because my mom is afraid I'm going to give it to someone. On the brighter side of things, at least I'm losing weight? Right?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So yes, I did go to Montana. Everyone says, "You're crazy!! Why did you go?" or "Why are you going?" Yes it was for a boy. I've never done that before, and let me tell you, would not change this past weekend for anything!! Unless it was my future husband. But seriously, it was an awesome experience to go up to Montana again.

So, his name is Aaron Light. And this is where it gets even crazier. He's leaving on his mission in 3 weeks. Yes, he is still going on his mission. I didn't stray him off any path, girls are not that evil. He knows what he's doing and is on the straight and narrow path, and I swear if he even thought about staying for anything that was associated with me (which I know he would not) I would probably set him straight, and slap him. He is going to be an awesome missionary.

Anyways. So the trip. He picked me up from the airport and we went to go jump start his car, which ended up not working. So we went back to his house, to go get the EXCURSION, which was this HUGE van. Not even joking. But his little sisters were there and they remembered me! And they are the cutest most funniest girls ever. They are just a crack up. (I sound like a mother talking about her children to her friends). But after that we went to Wal-Mart to go get shot gun shells, then to his friend Dave's house. We were just trying to figure out what to do for the day, and I shot some gun that looked like one of those crazy army guns. And then we went hunting with his friend Mason, cause he was leaving on his mission on Wednesday which is actually tomorrow! Crazzyyy. And then we went to go see the Social Network movie which was amazing, and thats when I saw KELLEY and SHELBY!!! I love them. To death and back. We all went to Denny's, and Kelley had at least 8 pancakes, it was nuts. And then I went back to Dave's house and fell asleep.

Saturday, I woke up. Hung out with Aaron and we were going to go paint balling but it was raining, but I went shopping at Good Will instead!! Yeah for trips with KELLEY and SHELBY. Then we went bowling and I totally rocked! Not! Saturday wasn't as eventful but it was still just nice.

Sunday, we woke up went to singles ward and went back to Shelby's house where I jumped on the trampoline until family ward, and then I headed home

It was seriously the best! I freaking love Montana and I want to move there. But apparently it's cold all the time. All well.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty in the World

So, there is a lot of beauty in the world. Including the frilly stuff like horses, flowers, and puppies. And there is the beautiful nature all around us, and the beautiful people around us!

I love it!

I want to be around all those people that make me happy! I don't understand why people decided to put themselves around people that do not make them happy. It's sad. There are so many people in the world that bring so much happiness! Sure there are some circumstances that you must be around those people, such as your roommates. But other than that! can still put yourself around people that are truly loving life!

I just wanted to get that out. From now on, I'm only surrounding myself with the beauty in the world.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Job

I am working at Dr. Rummler's Dental Office. No, I do not ever want to be a dental assistant but you know, it's not as bad as I thought. I was pretty sure that I was going to be sitting down all the time, but I hardly get to sit down, it's so nice! I am always doing something and I always have to think ahead. That's the difficult part is planning ahead in my head of what I need to do next, whether it be setting up the patients next appointment, sterilizing instruments, setting up the room for the next patient, developing films in the dark room, wiping down the instruments, mounting films, answering phones, assisting Dr. Rummler, and yada yada yada. It is so nice to have a job right now.

I still don't know what I want to do with my real job, as in my career for the rest of my life. I want to do something adventurous and that no one really hears about when they ask what your major is. I want to travel, and plan parties, but what kind of job is that?? My dream job would be to plan weddings, or put soundtracks for movies together. But right now, I'm just concentrating on online classes, work, and saving up money to go service abroad in Russia.

And I have a date tomorrow on Wednesday with a cashier guy I met at Ralph's. Hopefully he's not a weirdo!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

DREAM timmmmeee

I think I might want to be a movie specialist and just dream about something and then make a movie about it. Because seriously....I have the WEIRDEST dreams. For example

The Dream I Had Last Night...

Thanks to the new movie Inception, it explains that we never really remember how we end up or start our dreams, which is what happened. I was just at this random house and David, (ex boyfriend) was there, back from his mission, with another girl.....uhhhhh....yeah. Awkward. And for some reason I was trying to get dressed into this weird flowing dress and the girl that he was with just kept laughing. And so then....I just got into the bathroom and David was in the shower but he came out in jeans and a white t-shirt. Then he just got really close and then just walked away. What is wrong with me?? So then I ended up in this jail cell but I wasn't a cell mate or anything, I was trying to break everyone out. I have a tendency to do that. In my dreams not real life. It was Voldermort's jail and I had this whole elaborate plan to get everyone out which required me to do some kick butting. I wish this was real life. And so after I do that, I see David and he starts telling me how much he missed me and now that he's back from his mission we can get married. Weird right?? I haven't seen this kid for almost a year now! (In real life I mean)

Soo...I dont know what that means. That's the second time I've had a dream about him. Ughhhhhh....the other one was how he got to come back to California for 2 weeks off his mission and he came to see me at a church play thing or something like that.

But there was much more detail in my dream and it actually felt real. Ugh.

Monday, August 23, 2010


i know i know. its only august. but then its september!! and the OCTOBER!!!! my favorite holiday month. ohhhhh yeahhh...

so these are my ideas for costume ideas. even though halloween this year is on a sunday im still gonna go trick or treating on saturday. that is if everyones ready for me.


this years choices are!!!..........

dress up superhero
(act like a little kid dressing up as a superhero!!)
split personality
(cut two outfits in half and sew them together, extremes next to each other)
freak of nature
(put leaves in my hair and on my body and wear a shirt that says freak)
prom queen reject
(wear a sash that says prom reject on the front and reject on the back and wear ugly glasses, hair teased, socks, and sneakers)

and those are all the ideas i have right now, but i only went through 20 pages out of the 69.
this is the website.

but i think i might go with the first one. superhero

Monday, August 16, 2010


there is only one person at this exact moment(and hopefully forever and ever) that makes me laugh so hard. and dat is KENDRA!!! she is so


i honestly cannot get enough of her. she always cheers me up and i love that about her. she is the most devoted friend i have ever had. she is my twin and i never have to try and be funny with her it just comes naturally between us. i love the way she says my name. if she was a man, i would be married by now. but shes not. so dang.

i wish we couldve lived next to each other our whole lives. i wouldve enjoyed my life a lot more. not that my life sucks, but it wouldve been a really nice add on if kendra was there.

we would facebook for hours even though we were in the same room at school
she would think of the best topics to talk about

shes kind of my soulmate. in a way. id go gay for her. maybe. yeah i would

Friday, August 6, 2010

Aww the beach.

I just love the beach. Its so much fun! I love laguna beach the most. It's so pretty. I sound like a 2nd grader posting or something. But 2nd graders don't have blogs. They will in the future. But that is going to be after i died. So there.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This GRAND Fourth of July Weekend

Well lemme tell you, I have not had a great weekend like this in a long time!!! Not counting going to California for a couple days obviously. Man, I cannot wait until I get home, I miss it so much. there's Kyle Smith and Brian Ward in our little family ward up in Rexburg, Idaho. They are the sweetest guys. Well mostly Kyle. He's going to be some sort of politician and spending America's independence day with him was a hoot. He's all about America and the most patriotic guy I've met. Anyways so him, me, my roommate Megan, and Brian all went out on Friday. Kyle is such a sweetheart that he invited us to go since everyone in the house left for the weekend. He invited us to go river rafting, which him and I did, and then Megan and Brian went four wheeling. Talking with Kyle alone was really nice, he talks a lot. He's going to be a really good and generous politician. He paid for my snacks. Anyways, it was so nice just floating down the river for a couple hours with him. My Indian name was tree bearer and his was running water. The gross part about it was all of the bugs that were attached to my legs....DISGUSTING. I could not stand it! Then we came back and watched Red Eye with Jon and Sydney, and that was nice.

Then on Saturday, in Idaho Falls there was a firework show going on at 10 pm. Well we had to get their early to get a nice spot obviously, so we got there at 4 pm. So what did we do for 6 hours?? Well we walked down to the little fair area with all of the music and booths with information and food. I got some good corn with who knows what smothered on it. Then we just walked around the whole river area and I met some new people. Then there was a little nap in between after walking forever, and then we met up with Joe and his friend Lance, who I could not help but call him Sir Lance A Lot. He was a crackup though. We went back to all of the booths and they were patient enough to let me choose what to eat, which consisted of some really good tamales and donut holes. was really good. Then we went back to our spot and waited more for the fireworks. Now Kyle had gotten the update on these fireworks, something like 17,000 fireworks 500 a minute. Crazy right?? Well the crazy part was that we were close enough that when we laid down they were right above us, and all of the debris came down on us and got in our eyes. That part wasn't as cool, but still we were REALLY close. It twas fun and exciting and loud and so worth it. Then we walked back to the car and I fell asleep on the way home.

Then on Sunday I woke up at 1230. I woke up to a movie. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days which turned into Obsessed, then 17 again, and Just Married, and the Crazies, and lastly the Newsies. I have literally been sitting on my butt just relaxing all day watching movies. I don't remember the last time I did this. This is how I celebrate the REAL fourth of July, by just relaxing. I just like to think I'm recovering from these past two days.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Man oh man. I have not seen this movie in so long. There's so many parts where I am just in LOVE with this movie, but then there's one or two or three parts where I am just like...uhh.....they must be high. But you have to give the director credit for her imagination?? And I figured out the black guy and the girl Sadie are supposed to be Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. Crazy right?? And then the guy that sings I am the Walrus is the lead singer from U2. I looked it up and then my roommate Erin was just like, "Yeah you didn't know that?" No I didn't because I Google'd it. I want to marry Jim Sturgess by the way. I want to marry someone from Europe that speaks English and has an accent. But I think that it wouldn't work out. Because they wouldn't want to live in America and then I would want to, and then I would feel weird being in a totally different country. But I want him to make adjustments for me. That's not too much to ask, right??

Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 DAYS!!

Until I get to visit California. You do not realize how much you love home until you have to live in a cold cold place such as Rexburg. Today, Thursday June 17th, the weather was freezing. I am so excited to see Chris, my family, and Becca. That's really who I am going for. I cannot wait!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


So, heres the story.

My roommate, Kelley, lives in Montana. She is friends with Aaron Light, who was my old FHE Brudda from Fall 09 semester. We decided to drive up for the weekend because we are in Rexburg.

We started our trip on Thursday night, and drove through the night. We were supposed to leave Friday after classes but we got too antsy. It was really exciting because on the car ride up to Billings, MT it was snowing. You ask, why was it snowing in June? I don't know. So we almost hit a wolf, and the deer on the side of the road scared me, so I screamed. We also took the wrong way so we went through Yellowstone, but just on the outside. I wish I would have seen it, but it was dark. Kelley was really scared to drive in the snow storm and then was wondering why I was so chill about the storm. I still don't really know why. But it was.....AN ADVENTURE.....going up there in the middle of the night. By 4 a.m. things start sounding a lot funnier than they should and I'm pretty sure we had intelligent conversations about railroads or something like that. But we got to Billings at 6 a.m. then I slept till about 1 pm. Then I met Brittany, Shelby, and Mike and they are freaking awesome people. Such funny people and just so easy to talk to.

Side note: Montana is nicknamed the big sky state. And they really mean it. For some reason, they sky just looks huge. I know that's really weird to say but it just looks gigantic!

So then we meet up with Aaron after jumping on Shelby's trampoline. By the way, her backyard has this big rock or something and lots of green and a little stream. How cool is that!?!?! Really cool, I know. It's gorgeous. We were over at his house and played Super Mario Smash Bros. which is a lot harder than it looks. We went folfing (frisbee and golf) and I thought I was good, for being in last place on my first time. Then got Little Caesar's. I met Myra, LOVE HER. She's so awesome. And then we went to the Drive In and watched Karate Kid (lame) and then Marmaduke (lame, but clever). Then went to Wal-Mart and the park and almost got sick on one of the spinny things.

Then on Saturday we went over to Aaron's house and let me tell you something. He has 13 in all in his family. So there house is just crazy, and I love it! He's one of the oldest so there's little kids running around and it's just so nice. They have (this is my guess-amation) 5 horses, 3 dogs, 2 goats, 10 chickens, and 2 mules. Something like that. But just animals everywhere! Some of his little sisters came out with me to pet the horses, I loved it. There my best friends right now. They have such an open backyard. And they have this swing hanging on a tree. It is so cool. Aaron thought he lost me because his sisters asked me if I wanted to pet the goats and I didn't tell anyone where I was going. It's okay though, I was fine. Then we went roller blading, which I don't do at all. Myra was a very nice teacher and put a lot of confidence in me which I did not have. We went down one hill, and I was fine. But then the second hill for some reason did not look as steep to me so I thought I could handle it......


I got scared to I went off to the side of the bike trail and just ate it, so therefore I fell really hard and rolled. It was kind of like falling off an inner tube in the lake, except a lot hard with more scars. So nothing like it, except the falling off. But it was soooooo awesome!! Myra is so sweet, and she barely knows me, but still was so concerned about me. She just had me hold on to the back of her on the way back, which still amazes me that she pulled me uphill also. Then after that Myra took me back to Brittany's house and I took a nap, woke up, and then we went to a park, didn't really do anything spectacular, but we just hung out. It was nice though cause I still am kind of sore from falling. Then we came back to the house me and Kelley are staying at, and then everyone fell asleep while watching Princess and the Frog while I was doing homework. I'm so bored just because I took a nap so I am wide awake and everyone's asleep. All well. Maybe I will sleep more.

But it's been real. It's been fun. But it hasn't been real fun.
(Note to chris g...I can't remember what you said to me earlier on the phone to put on my blog. please remind me. when you pick up your phone. which you should do more often.)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quotes from Fall 2009

<<-----that is kenzie on skype

I just get so pasta happy.

I'm not lazy, I just don't want to get up!

I really hate real life....I wish I could live in Rachel's fantasy.

Is that a mermaid?

me: Don't make me look at your face
lori: too late

I like the way you move...that's appropriate and sounds dirty at the same time!

Oh...I don't know how to tie my shoes.

There's nothing wrong with Kelsey germs!

me: where do you want to be in 5 years?
kelsey: away from you

hahahah.....we put you on a bungee cord

kelsey: you were sleeping on your money last night
me: my bunny?
kelsey: no you're lunny....i mean money

i heard it with my own eyes

don't go down, don't go down, im still in my robe

me: he's really sweet
izzy: well so is the pope

that's really old english

rachel, why aren't you married yet?

me: don't kill my childhood
lori: slaughter, slaughter, slaughter

i'm a prostitute, hear me roar

lori, it was your face that started it all

well im a one time kinda girl

me: i dont have to explain myself
lori: i dont think you can

kelsey: make her suffer
me: did you just say have her for supper?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sundays are the best

Today I went to church, one half of an hour late. That was not my fault but my roommates. They take an hour to get ready without a shower. It takes me 15 minutes to get ready without a shower. I know right? You're probably wondering, "Karina, how do you do that??" Well my friends, talent. Pure, raw, talent.

Afterwards, Lauren and I went over to Pateux's (prounounced Patoosh) because he owed us food for doing a favor for him, some weird focus group which they fed us there also. His mama and him made fettuccine alfredo with chicken.....sooooo flipping good. This is while his roommates were playing the Wii and being boys....they just make me laugh of how worked up they get from these games. But then again I'm probably the same way when I'm playing video games too. And I massaged a black guys feet, his nickname is Pepito. When I said, "Oh, so little Pepe?" He said, "No, just Pepito." He's from Montreal and he was very surprised that I knew that was in Canada.

Oh, also last night was Lauren's second surprise birthday party. She's 20!!! It's crazy, she still seems 19 to me, but shes 20!!! She got a lot of presents from her mama Claspell and her family. She deserves them so much. The presents and family, I meant. And then I went to go watch Beauty and the Beast with Will Gierke. I haven't seen it in awhile and they added a new song and we thought we just completely forgot about it. I love that movie so much!!!

Then I came home and the pasta made me so tired that I slept a straight 4 hours. It felt so nice, but once again my schedules off......this is the second nap I've taken this weekend.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roommates of Abbington West House

"It's not a big deal...." -Atsuko

"You BOMBED our country!" -Fritzsche

Courtesy of a conversation after watching Pearl Harbor

Oh my new roommates, all nine of them, are a joy.

Let's start with Kendra! She was my FHE sister last semester, and now she is my roommate. I freakin love her!! Her random sayings, that she cries because she is watching Lost, which I do when I watch Grey's Anatomy, and she has introduced me to so many new and amazing bands/singers. She makes me laugh so hard and she has the cutest freckles on her face!! And I love that she can pull off glasses, and she even looks hot with glasses off. You know those weird people that it just looks weird if you take their glasses they look awful?? Well not her. I wish I was as cool and funny as her.

Then there is Erin, who is the oldest of 3, and reminds me so much of my sister Krystal. She knows what she wants, keeps a tidy home (just the way I like it) and has great taste in music. I can talk to her about important things and she always apologizes, even if it's not her fault. She definitely can pull off short hair, and has the prettiest blue eyes. She is very hardworking and loves to sing, and she is going to be spectacular in being a vocal teacher!

Now there is Kelley, who is from Montana and tells it like it is. She is our FHE Mom and does a freakin fantastic job at doing it! At first I didn't understand her humor, but now it is growing on me. I don't know her to well yet, but everyday I am getting to know her more and more. She loves to talk about boys, which I like doing to, and she is very observant.

Lauren, aka Fritzsche, is my dose of humor. I can't even to begin how hilarious she is. I am so sad she is transferring to some school in Arizona and I am going to miss her. She's got a juicy butt and I can't help but look at it all the time. She is gorgeous also. I also love it when she wakes up.

Then there is the other Lauren, who is not LDS, but I LOVE HER. She is such a good listener, and has taught me to be even more open to new ideas and religious beliefs. Her elephant tatoo makes me smile, but makes Kendra smile even more, because she loves elephants. She thinks she looks old, but she just doesnt know that shes just in her prime age. She's going to be looking hawt another 25 years or more.

Oh Michelle, she is such a sweetheart, like one of those candy hearts that say I love you on it. She is so kind and giving and just full of joy. She is so humble and an amazing singer/guitar player. If she read this she would probably be saying "that's not true" or "oh stop it." She is so cute, and always says, goodnight girls I love you, which I look forward to every night.

Amanda!! She transferred here from BYU Hawaii. I know right? Who would want to do that, but it has something to do with her major, and it's offered here or something like that. She is so sweet, down to her voice! She has these cute little dimples and she's so tan and blonde! But sweet!! Those things rarely go together. I cannot get over how sweet she is! She has a lot of guys that like her, but she doesnt believe it. It's true though.

Our Japanese spice, Atsuko. Her name means hot child, and she is too funny for her own good. I don't even know if she secretly knows she's funny, but she is. I love talking to her about the differences between Japan and American culture, it's so amazing to hear it. And I like the way she cooks, and her smile is pretty.

Megan is the last of the household members. She has an amazing voice and has guys running after her. She is funny and loves adventures with me. She is very passionate about music and I love that she is.

I love them all, and I am so lucky to get great roommates once again.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Oh well science....I have always hated it, but the class I's definitely a drag. Thankfully, I can have my laptop with me, so time goes by really quickly. I think he's talking about micrometers and how hair is .000000003 micrometers. Or something like that. And I am sooooo hungry.

But anyways...I have been doing water aerobics. People say it's for old ladies, but let me tell you, it is the BEST workout I have ever gotten.

This weekend I went to Utah for a couple hours for a wedding. That was nice

Oh yeah!!! Class is over. I get to go home and eat, I am starving.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am actually starting to like my classes. Interior design class is always. Book of Mormon class is well.....Book of Mormon class. Now these last two (since I only have 9 credits) are just awful. World Foundations is so fun, I love it! But because I think I understand it, and then I do terrible on the quizzes and the tests, it just makes me a little frustrated. And then Science is just lame. I hate it. No one likes that class anyways. Oh, and that's Izzy and Jon, my old FHE Bruddas. I love them, sometimes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

When You Love Somebody

You'll know it. I have heard way too many stories of people getting engaged and breaking it off. This is of course because they date for about 2 months, and then get realize that they don't actually want to marry that person. Seriously, take a little bit longer than that!! It's ridiculous. Marriage seems nice and all, but I've heard it's a lot of work. Sure it's magical once you get started, but then reality hits, and BAM. You are 19 and have no idea how to pay the bills, do your taxes, and especially cook! That is why I definitely will be waiting until I figure out how to do all those things and take care of myself. Which will be around the age of 25?? But I can't plan it, so we will let that one plan itself. And if some guy tries to propose to me, and really wants to, and I'm freaking 19, then he's going to be waiting a long time. But who knows. There's too many girls getting married to RM's and I'm sick of it!!! Girl's get a life! But if you love him, then you can wait a little longer. Because if you love them now, you will still love them 4 or 5 years from now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

facebook addict

thats me! i dont know why it is, but it just pains me to admit it that im addicted. especially at school, its even worse! i swear im busy at school, its just hard when i have to use my computer for everything, and all i have to do is click: NEW TAB. easy as that. and its even harder when conversations include things about facebook such as status updates, picture comments, yada yada yada.

but good news, my laptop actually works. i had to completely wipe it all out, but its still good. as long as its working im good. i didnt lose anything important, so im good.

actually i dont really have anything else to say. actually this blog is really about nothing.

goodnight world. thats me and kelsey. shes actually not my roommate, but she still visits me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010 great??

It has been just okay. I love my teacher and my class discussions, but homework? Not so much. My favorite class would have to be World Foundations class. It's a lot of work but it's college, it's a lot of work!!! I'm only registered for nine credits and it's not because I'm lazy, the classes that I needed were all full. The school's getting more and more kids coming in so that's no bueno for me, who is still a freshmen, at the bottom of the food chain, and gets to register last.

I changed my major to architecture, so no more Child Development. The reason for that was because working at a daycare, watching my nieces, and being a nanny made me realize that as much as I love other kids, I want to give my children the most love. Yes, it seems too selfish to say, but that's what I want to do. So Architecture is something that seems pretty interesting to me, and I know it's a lot of work, and it's being a type of engineer which I wanted to avoid. But it's in my blood. And I would like to have a challenge other than something like memorize the developmental stages of a toddler. I want something fresh in my mind, and who could being an architect? or stay at home mom? (hopefully not) or flight attendant? (that would be nice, yes?)

But my house is wonderful here in Rexburg, Idaho. It sure has its kinks, like there's a special way to open the front door because it expands and contracts due to the weather, the hot water went out one night and that calls for a cold shower, the paint peels off, the lights occasionally flicker when it's hailing, and the fridge sometimes doesn't close all the way. But you know what? I freaking love this house to death! It is so adorable, these kinks do not bother me at all and I love all my roommates. They are so lovable, always want to have a good time, and are the sweetest people ever! We mesh in our own different ways, but I feel bad because since there are 10 girls upstairs, I can never remember who I tell what stories. I usually start talking about an inside joke that was with someone else to someone else, and they are definitely lost. I'll get the hang of it in a little bit.

School's great, life is great, I'm coming to visit California for my 19th birthday! (I can't believe I'm going to be freaking 19!!) and I miss Chris. That is all.

Courtesy of My Life is Average: Today I walked into a room with my crush, she looked at me like I was the only one in the room. I was. MLIA

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Semester, Here I Come

One thing that they should really think about fixing is the byu-idaho website. I think this is the first time that I have actually hated byu-idaho. well just their website. when everyone tried to get onto their account the server just didnt know what to do with everyone and crashed. thankfully my friend, kyle's, computer was working and he was on facebook at the time. so he registered for my classes. i just dont want him getting the wrong idea that i like him back. yeah thats right i said back. he has already asked me out to dinner. and we have a month!!! were not even up there!!! but anyways.....i owe him a back scratch for registering for me. but here are my classes.

Beginning German M/T/W/Th 10:15-11:15

Science Foundation M/W 11:30-12:30

Child Development M/W 3:15-4:45

World Foundation T/Th 12:45-1:45

Book of Mormon T/Th 8:00-10:00

The reason I am taking German is because 1. I need 12 credits and I only had 9 without German. 2. It'll be fun, because how many people do you know that learn how to speak German, besides foreign exchange students and people that are taking this class too. 3. Sure it might be the death of me for a class that I don't even need but it'll be a challenge.

I really needed a CHILD 150 class because that actually gets me into a lot of the other classes that I need for my major. But the CHILD 120 class that I'm taking should be a good start. I'm debating between two minors. I know I shouldn't be too worried about my minor but all of the minors seem really interesting. There's clothing construction which would be really nice for when I decided to make doll clothes for my preschool. Or I could minor in Culinary Arts which would be more practical because I could use this in my preschool or at home. I think I just actually convinced myself which minor I want. Culinary here I come. Oh and the picture is Rylie and Kenzie.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blood Drive!

Hello!! Yes I donated a pint of blood. And yes I was terrified, but I did it. I got there and they asked me to fill out this paper work and that paper work. Then I went into the booth to get all of medical stuff out of the way and answered a couple questions to make sure I didn't have any foreign or sexually transmitted diseases and all those type of things. So, then I went out onto the table to give to the needy that need my AB blood. (my mother still doesn't know if it's positive or negative, but I figured they wont care too much, just as long as it's healthy blood.) so then I am placed right next to my boss, Joyce, who is asking how she is doing and making sure she is perfectly healthy to give blood. I'm probably there for about 10 minutes just squeezing the ball every 5 seconds and I think I am doing okay and then I look down at my arm and it's just a nasty yellow puke color. Not something that would look pleasant on any dress for a bridesmaid, but then I felt a little bit better when almost everyone else had this happening to their arm. So then I just laid on the table for awhile and then got up and started walking to where the food and water was.


I am just sitting there as a normal human being when I suddenly start to see kind of black dots everywhere and just kind of a fade out to black. and apparently i said "i dont feel so good" and then put my bottle of water down and just passed out. When I woke up though there was two nurses, some other people asking if I knew where I was and what my first name was. I was sooooo very out of it. And then I just started to cry and the lady thought it was because I was embarrassed but I was just scared. It's a scary thing to faint or pass out. But thankfully I was surrounded by people who knew my mother's cell phone number So President Wynder called my mother and told her that I just wasn't feeling well. Little did she know that I had full on passed out. And according to everyone the nurses ran over as fast as anyone could run and put me on a gurney and gave me some privacy with a portable wall. Some say that's there job. I say, they were just really bored taking blood from people.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nothing to much happening

I dont know the exact purpose of a blog other than posting things that are post worthy. other news. i am applying to housing for rexburg!! i was going to live in kensington but it was too expensive and im going to try out Abbington House. it's the cutest little house, i love it to death!!! its yellow with white shutters. im going to buy it out when im rich and really rich.

but not the point of this pointless blog. im sitting in my house, downstairs, on my laptop, just relaxing. i hate relaxing. what has my life come to!!! i have no social life. all my friends are gone. i have 9 weeks left in california. then im off to my second favorite place!!! (that's rexburg) i dont know why i love it so much. i did miss my family and the warm weather buuuuuuuuut.....i have a special place for rexburg. it is because i only spent 3 1/2 months there and it was just new and exciting. but i hope i have the same feelings for rexburg as it does for me when i go back. but im rooming with kendra!!! the third love of my life. yeaaah!!! and erin!!!! we will see if she joins us. she BETTER.

thats all.

Monday, January 25, 2010

the shape of my heart

my love is christopher gutierrez.
today on the phone he asked me why i liked him so much.
i couldnt think of all the reasons because there's so many times weve hung out and all the stories i could talk about seemed to be all cramming their way into my mouth. so i have decided to type them down.

reasons i love christopher.
1. i have never had to give him a courtesy laugh
2. our first date, he told me that he wasn't done hanging out with me. i wasn't either
3. we appreciate each others music
4. no matter how gross i look he still loves me
5. i just don't love him, i like him
6. hes the first guy that i hung out with the whole summer almost every day and didn't get sick of
7. he makes an effort to get to know my friends
8. hes always worried if people like him, which they do
9. we have talked on the phone for 5 hours
10. he knows im weird, and reminds me almost every day
11. even though it was only 4 months, we kept a long distance relationship
12. he gave me oatmeal and jelly beans for christmas
13. he has this laugh that just makes me laugh even harder
14. hes ticklish on his shins/ankles
15. he introduced me to arrested development
16. we both love the same type of movies
17. i can talk to him about bread
18. instead of calling me hot or beautiful, he calls me adorable
19. i like his hair a lot, its soft
20. he wouldn't think this blog would be creepy
21. the way he looks at me makes me want to smile
22. he thought i had a stutter when we first started dating but i was just nervous
23. the first time he kissed me he told me he was going to do it before he actually did
24. we both try somethings like kissing in the rain because its cliche
25. we say "its like in the movies"
26. hes a great story teller
27. he would want to talk to my roommates, and always have them laughing
28. hes such a charmer
29. he always says i smell good
30. he loves my brother
31. even though he didn't like the shirt i got him for christmas, he still wears it
32. he helped make cinnamon braided bread with me
33. hes an amazing shopper
34. he wont get jealous or angry when i tell a story about my ex boy friend because he understands that those are still my memories
35. he wants to meet my ex boyfriend
36. my niece is in love with him
37. he loves my family
38. i love his family
39. he thinks its cute when i wear my footie pajamas
40. hes sincere
41. i spent a whole day with him at catalina, and it was the most fun i have ever had
42. he has certain words that he loves me to say
43. he kisses me in public, but not to gushy
44. even a kiss on the cheek sends goosebumps down my arms
45. he always knows behind the scene facts about movies or music
46. he thinks that every guy i talk to is into me
47. he gets pedicures
48. hes honest with me
49. hes old school and classy
50. he has an incredible smile.