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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blood Drive!

Hello!! Yes I donated a pint of blood. And yes I was terrified, but I did it. I got there and they asked me to fill out this paper work and that paper work. Then I went into the booth to get all of medical stuff out of the way and answered a couple questions to make sure I didn't have any foreign or sexually transmitted diseases and all those type of things. So, then I went out onto the table to give to the needy that need my AB blood. (my mother still doesn't know if it's positive or negative, but I figured they wont care too much, just as long as it's healthy blood.) so then I am placed right next to my boss, Joyce, who is asking how she is doing and making sure she is perfectly healthy to give blood. I'm probably there for about 10 minutes just squeezing the ball every 5 seconds and I think I am doing okay and then I look down at my arm and it's just a nasty yellow puke color. Not something that would look pleasant on any dress for a bridesmaid, but then I felt a little bit better when almost everyone else had this happening to their arm. So then I just laid on the table for awhile and then got up and started walking to where the food and water was.


I am just sitting there as a normal human being when I suddenly start to see kind of black dots everywhere and just kind of a fade out to black. and apparently i said "i dont feel so good" and then put my bottle of water down and just passed out. When I woke up though there was two nurses, some other people asking if I knew where I was and what my first name was. I was sooooo very out of it. And then I just started to cry and the lady thought it was because I was embarrassed but I was just scared. It's a scary thing to faint or pass out. But thankfully I was surrounded by people who knew my mother's cell phone number So President Wynder called my mother and told her that I just wasn't feeling well. Little did she know that I had full on passed out. And according to everyone the nurses ran over as fast as anyone could run and put me on a gurney and gave me some privacy with a portable wall. Some say that's there job. I say, they were just really bored taking blood from people.