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Thursday, August 26, 2010

DREAM timmmmeee

I think I might want to be a movie specialist and just dream about something and then make a movie about it. Because seriously....I have the WEIRDEST dreams. For example

The Dream I Had Last Night...

Thanks to the new movie Inception, it explains that we never really remember how we end up or start our dreams, which is what happened. I was just at this random house and David, (ex boyfriend) was there, back from his mission, with another girl.....uhhhhh....yeah. Awkward. And for some reason I was trying to get dressed into this weird flowing dress and the girl that he was with just kept laughing. And so then....I just got into the bathroom and David was in the shower but he came out in jeans and a white t-shirt. Then he just got really close and then just walked away. What is wrong with me?? So then I ended up in this jail cell but I wasn't a cell mate or anything, I was trying to break everyone out. I have a tendency to do that. In my dreams not real life. It was Voldermort's jail and I had this whole elaborate plan to get everyone out which required me to do some kick butting. I wish this was real life. And so after I do that, I see David and he starts telling me how much he missed me and now that he's back from his mission we can get married. Weird right?? I haven't seen this kid for almost a year now! (In real life I mean)

Soo...I dont know what that means. That's the second time I've had a dream about him. Ughhhhhh....the other one was how he got to come back to California for 2 weeks off his mission and he came to see me at a church play thing or something like that.

But there was much more detail in my dream and it actually felt real. Ugh.

Monday, August 23, 2010


i know i know. its only august. but then its september!! and the OCTOBER!!!! my favorite holiday month. ohhhhh yeahhh...

so these are my ideas for costume ideas. even though halloween this year is on a sunday im still gonna go trick or treating on saturday. that is if everyones ready for me.


this years choices are!!!..........

dress up superhero
(act like a little kid dressing up as a superhero!!)
split personality
(cut two outfits in half and sew them together, extremes next to each other)
freak of nature
(put leaves in my hair and on my body and wear a shirt that says freak)
prom queen reject
(wear a sash that says prom reject on the front and reject on the back and wear ugly glasses, hair teased, socks, and sneakers)

and those are all the ideas i have right now, but i only went through 20 pages out of the 69.
this is the website.

but i think i might go with the first one. superhero

Monday, August 16, 2010


there is only one person at this exact moment(and hopefully forever and ever) that makes me laugh so hard. and dat is KENDRA!!! she is so


i honestly cannot get enough of her. she always cheers me up and i love that about her. she is the most devoted friend i have ever had. she is my twin and i never have to try and be funny with her it just comes naturally between us. i love the way she says my name. if she was a man, i would be married by now. but shes not. so dang.

i wish we couldve lived next to each other our whole lives. i wouldve enjoyed my life a lot more. not that my life sucks, but it wouldve been a really nice add on if kendra was there.

we would facebook for hours even though we were in the same room at school
she would think of the best topics to talk about

shes kind of my soulmate. in a way. id go gay for her. maybe. yeah i would

Friday, August 6, 2010

Aww the beach.

I just love the beach. Its so much fun! I love laguna beach the most. It's so pretty. I sound like a 2nd grader posting or something. But 2nd graders don't have blogs. They will in the future. But that is going to be after i died. So there.