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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

To those who still read my blog

As of right now I started to stalk my blog and realized that I haven't blogged since November. And it's definitely April. April's actually coming to an end. Oh geez. I'm terrible at documenting. I know I say that every time but I feel the need to say it always. Quick update on my life.

I finished 3 straight semesters at BYU Idaho
I am currently doing my internship at Mountain River Vet Clinic in Rigby, ID
I live above the clinic.
I still have my late night custodial job, but I strip and wax floors. I know, fascinating.
I have a boyfriend named Levi Nation.
He's pretty awesome.
And handsome.
My roommate Anna got her mission call to Fortworth, Texas.
She's leaving me. Forever.
Not really. But seriously.

And that's about it. I feel bad if I forgot something. But too bad! Because I'm always butt tired and I keep forgetting things, like showering. I love life, and I cannot wait until I actually get paid to be a Vet Tech. It'll be awesome! I love seeing all these surgeries and cleaning teeth (which is pretty much what I have been doing) and I cannot wait until I graduate in 3 SEMESTERS!!! So I'll be done Fall 2014, which seems like forever, but hopefully it will fly by at the speed I'd like it too. But it never seems to.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Way stressed out!!!!

With everything. Seriously everything. I'm done with school! Not literally, but I'm just 100% done. But still not really. Just mentally.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

First Semester BACK!

I am now done with my first semester back from BYU Idaho. It was a thrill, but I'm glad it's over. I managed to go through the whole semester without getting sick and I finally did at the end. I feel like crap because I was overworked so much but it's over, and I am relieved. Relieved that finally I can start Vet Tech classes and relieved that Aaron comes home in four months. I'm nervous to go home because I won't be doing anything except occasionally working and hanging out, but my schedule will no longer be jammed pack with school, work, and church. Church will still follow me home, but it won't be as busy as it is at school. But enough about the boring life, these little comics are the cutest and I love them all. They're usually naked in them, and I don't know why, but this is one of the few where they're clothed. But anyways, I'm excited to go back to California for a little bit, but it's going to feel weird because every time I go home I feel like Idaho never happened, and I never left Cypress. It's even weirder when people (Channing) visit me in Idaho from Cypress and my two separate worlds collide. But school is over!!!! I survived!!! It almost killed me, and I don't care whose semester was worse, it was still hard for me.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My kids are going to hate me.

Names that just so happen to all start with C, that I love.

Clark. Clyde. Charlemagne. Cecilia.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

So Much for Blogging All The Time

One of the cutest pictures I have ever seen in my entire life!

Yeah, so I get caught up with the real life. And facebook. And tumblr, pinterest, and constantly checking my BYUI account for classes. I forget how stressful this is. I just want the perfect schedule but people keep filling up my classes. I'm almost positive I won't be able to get my first, second, or third choices and I don't have a fourth choice for my classes. I just do not want 8am classes, that is all I know. I don't care how late they go, just dont make me wake up that early. And I wish the department head for getting into the Vet Tech program would email or call me back. I hate the fact that I am making an huge effort trying to get a job and getting into the program is all going to waste because people forget common courtesy of calling or emailing me back. Goodness gracious people!! A little common courtesy wouldn't hurt.

But anyways. Aaron only has 8 more months! It was 7, but then it got pushed back a little bit, the way the transfer dates are set up. I'm secretly hoping it's all a joke and he's coming home sooner, but I don't think it is. I can dream though, can't I? Yes I can, that was a question that me, myself, and I were only supposed to answer.

I have the Slow Club and Edward Sharp concert coming up this weekend!! And I'm going to donate blood because I have a rare blood type. And my brother is coming into town with my sister in law Jennifer! And there are the issues of family pictures....which is going to be stupid. But I just put on a somewhat happy face for my mother.

That's all I can think about right now because I'm going on a run with Kaylene tomorrow at 7am and she's going to kick my buttox, so I'm going to get some sleep now!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Tired, but Must BLOG!

start off joke:
what does a nosey pepper do?
get jalapeno business!

I've decided to start becoming an addict on blogging because I forget easily. I will stick with this! For my memory! And my future children! And I just had a bunch of girl scout cookies, those peanut butter patties, which are really called tagalongs or whatever. I miss girl scout cookies.
back to the point.

SO! I just got back from the Asteroids Galaxy Tour, so fun! She was literally the best female performer I have ever seen. She knew how to work the crowd and was interacting and the music was so filled with trumpets and awesomeness and everyone had such awesome talent in that band! She got so close and just was pure awesome!

I got back into BYU-I!! I felt like a high school senior again waiting for my acceptance letter. Now just gotta pay for everything!!

And I'm actually super tired now so I'm going to bed!

Friday, February 10, 2012

First Post of the New Year!!

Wow. I need to update this more often. Not for my "fans" or should I say "fan" (you know who you are...Beccca.) But I have been mucho busy. Just same old same old, work and more work! But since my little Landon is leaving for the Philippines this coming February 22nd, he is jamming every thing he's ever wanted to do ever! And I am lucky enough to be included.
1. First off, I got to see Conan O'brien, TWICE!! The first time was Shaun White, this comedian from the new show Key&Peele, and the musical guest is not worth mentioning because they were crap. It was crazy though to see the studio and all that jazz. The second time was Martin Short(adore him!), this actor from the show Walking Dead...ZOMBIES!!...and the music guest was Dr. Dog.
2. I've been going to a lot of concerts. The number I've gone to in the past couple months is the most I've been to in my entire life combined. I went to Growlers, Augustana, Graffiti6, Lana del Rey, and now Dr. Dog!! I saw them on Wednesday on Conan and then tonight! And I'm going to see the Asteroids Galaxy Tour on V-day, Slow Club, and Edward Sharp! If you are truly my friend, you will like at least one of those bands. The ones I have been to have been fantastic, some more crazy than others. I like being a girl because I can push a guy but if he pushes back every one takes him for a douche bag and grabs him, throws him, and asks if I'm okay. If you're wondering, yes that did happen. Also a guy asked for my number. I gave it to him. He was a sweetheart. I have no intention of ever calling him. I guess I should've told him I don't have texting. All well!
3. Movies! So many midnight showings. Chronicle is so amazing!! If my kids are reading this, you are going to see this movie. I just love super power movies. I still love superhero movies, but when they inherit powers and just kind of do whatever they want with them, it's just more practical for me. Because not every person thinks "oh yeah, I must be a superhero now!" It's the noble thing to do, but not everyone thinks to do it. But back to movies, there are supposed to be a ton of awesome movies coming out this year like HUNGER GAMES!!! and yadadadadadada. The rest of them aren't that important.
But yeah. Life is pretty great here in Cypress, but it's just because Landon is here, and Devon just got back! He honestly hasn't changed at all. He's matured a lot, but he's still same old funny awesome Devon.
It's still sunny in California! I can still wear dresses, so be jealous all of you other states that are wearing scarves and gloves!! It's been a warm winter. Especially since my summer was robbed half the time from freaking the coldest summer I have ever remembered in California.

But I must be going to bed, it's 2:32.

Hasta luego, internet!