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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Tired, but Must BLOG!

start off joke:
what does a nosey pepper do?
get jalapeno business!

I've decided to start becoming an addict on blogging because I forget easily. I will stick with this! For my memory! And my future children! And I just had a bunch of girl scout cookies, those peanut butter patties, which are really called tagalongs or whatever. I miss girl scout cookies.
back to the point.

SO! I just got back from the Asteroids Galaxy Tour, so fun! She was literally the best female performer I have ever seen. She knew how to work the crowd and was interacting and the music was so filled with trumpets and awesomeness and everyone had such awesome talent in that band! She got so close and just was pure awesome!

I got back into BYU-I!! I felt like a high school senior again waiting for my acceptance letter. Now just gotta pay for everything!!

And I'm actually super tired now so I'm going to bed!