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Friday, March 18, 2011


Yes, this post is just going to be about nonsense. It will make sense, but I'm going to skip from topic to topic super quickly because I haven't posted in a really long time!!

So I got a letter from Aaron Light!!! Gahhh!! He is doing so well. He is getting better at the language, but just had a mission companion that was his trainer that wasn't the best person in the world, but by now he probably doesn't even have him anymore, cause that was back in the beginning of February. It's only been 5 months...but it'll fly by!!

Oh, I'm going to Portland, Oregon to go visit Brittany Zika!!! I am sooooo excited, and I've never been to Oregon so I can just cross it off my list of states! 10 down, 40 more to go!! Actually I'll probably skip a couple like Texas and Oklahoma. Those don't really appeal to me. But I'm hoping I can visit Becca Mattson in Florida!! I'm just going to be crazy as always and buy a ticket right now!! Actually no, I don't have the funds for that!

I'm going to Palmyra this summer! That's mainly why I don't have the funds for Florida. That'll be another state I can cross off!! I'm super excited for that!

The date for planning on going back to BYU-Idaho is constantly changing. Probably not the Fall now because I want to see my Becca, and I love my job so very much to give it up. I know, I know, I go to school to get a better high paying job, but I don't want to go through all that school yet. Maybe when Aaron comes back I'll be almost done with school. I'll just plan it that way. Yes, I'm a psycho girl that is secretly waiting for a missionary.

The number of boys I've kissed is 22. Jordan Claspell will be my number 23 victim, since he is in fact, 23 years old! I've never actually been the person to make the first move and kiss the guy, I've always been kissed for the first kiss, so this shall be an experience for the both of us! Hahah....but he needs to kiss a girl.

Lauren is coming home in 9 days!!! I am so dang happy about that too. She is going to be the best! Now if BECCA MATTSON just came home and stayed here, that would be just as good!

I'm taking an art class and a piano class at Golden West City College!! It's super nice to actually wake up to something, and drive to class! My piano class ends this Monday, but then I'm going to start taking this Circut Training class, which is a workout class.

Music! Might be my new major. I don't know what in it, but I doubt it will stick. I would love to work with music, and not making it, but putting it in movies and all that shiz! I don't know how to explain why I want to do it, but when I hear a song I can see where it will be in a movie. A lot of movies are either terrible or really good at putting music into movies. They'll either have it spaced out way too much or too squished, or they'll have a song that kills the mood or helps it. Or I'm going to be a food critic. Because I love food.

I really want to move to Portland. But I'm visiting Brittany so I can see what it's like.

Boys are gay. I know that's old news, but I'm done with them. I've given up! No man is worth while. This will probably last for 1 week until I meet someone. But seriously, lately no guy has been worth calling or making plans with. It's a kiss and then they won't talk to me for about a month or longer and then call up and want to hang out again. So I'm done with boys!

I love my sisters! They are all so great to me! I visited my sister Kaylene at work yesterday as a surprise and she was so happy! I love making them happy like that, but for some reason they ask me to do the strangest things(mainly my sister Kandice) and I don't really want to do it. They figure since I'm not married, don't have a real "career" and I'm not really going to school that I can do everything for them(still mainly Kandice) but I still have a life! It's ridiculous. But I love that I can visit them and just hang out with them.

Everyone keeps asking me about Chris and Morgen, and I honestly DON'T CARE! Every time someone sees Chris they have the need to tell me. I'm happy for Morgen because Chris is a good boyfriend, and she's never had a real boyfriend/relationship. I'm not mad about it because frankly, the longer time I would have spent with Chris, the more trouble I would have gotten into and the harder it would have been to get out of it. But Chris definitely has a type now, and that's MORMON. And that's good, because he has good taste.

I'm going to be running the 10k in Seal Beach!! I'm probably going to die, but that's okay!! I'm secretly training for Havasui Pai as well. I hope I spelled that right. My dad's only requirement is to run 3 miles in 30 minutes. I don't know what my time is right now, but I'm pretty sure I've ran 3 1/4 miles in 30 minutes. So just BARELY!! I want to go to Havasui Pai so badly though, just hopefully there are no flash floods when I'm down there.

I went snowboarding with Landon, and his cousin Chad, and Tino, who I kept calling Toni. And it got to the point where I was joking at first but then I really forgot if it was Tino or Toni. It was super fun! I got bruises on my butt, but it was worth it!!! I got really good towards the end of the day, which was an 8 hour day. Landon was gay and he used skis. So he wasn't sitting on his butt all day when he got tired, and his butt wasn't frozen like mine.

I'm modeling for Jan, David's mom. As well as Photoshop work. It's quite embarrassing. But she loves the pictures, so I'm there, getting paid, to wear aprons.

Well that's all I can think about right now. Adventures await me!!