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Monday, August 15, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Wow, I have not blogged in a looooong time. I have never been good at it anyways, so there's no worries that I haven't written in a long time. So first thing is first, life is good! Ups and downs, but for the most part it is wonderful. I just cannot wait to go back to Idaho. Which brings me back to my decision. I want to go back earlier than January, and there are some community housing, but I would have to get a job which wouldn't pay as nice as Dr Rummler's. And I do like Dr Rummler's but that is the only thing keeping me in Cypress as of right now. There is a community house that I might do, and I would take care of an old lady and work on the farm! Who knows though? Or I can just stay here and be sensible, and save up? But it's so boring!! I can do what I want!! HAHA!!

In other news....Elder Aaron Light is on his mission. It has been about 10 months, and isn't it supposed to get easier the longer there out? I felt pathetic because I watched The Other Side Of Heaven last night, and it's such a sad, hartfelt, funny, depressing movie. Yes all of those combined into one. I shouldn't have watched it, that was a bad idea. I am very jealous of him, because he is on an adventure that I wish I was living. But he is doing the Lord's work and he is loving it! And I wish I was with him. Just 2 more months, and then another year!! Shouldn't take too long right?

Summer has treated me well, from going back to visit Idaho, Palmyra and going to the lake! I just miss Kendra and Kelley so very much. Everyone really, it was so nice to actually hang out with people my own age. But mostly this summer I've just been working, which I don't mind at all. I love Dr. Rummler! Yes of course I have those days where nothing clicks, and never goes according to plan and I can't focus for some reason, but those are only once in awhile. I have been working there for a year now, so my contract is up to leave or not! Gahh!! I don't know what to do with my life anymore. All I know for certain is I am going up to school in January. That is one of the only things that is certain right now.

Well I must be off to another day of work! Monday through Thursday, and lovin' it!!