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Friday, December 11, 2009

To leave on a worthy note....I will write a blog at 2 A.M.

It takes me awhile to wind down from working, and since I didn't get off work until 1145 it will take me awhile. I already finished my english essay, checked my facebook (i feel like that's always on my to do list, when it really shouldn't be there, so its more of an addiction) and checked my email.

but i have now decided to pick the subject of this post


she has seriously stuck with me since 7th grade. i do not know how she did it. there was me always ditching her for my new found craze....boys. and then thinking that i should hang out with the "cool" crowd, and then realized im not "cool". there has been so many times where she could have said, "you know what karina i am done with you, you are not my friend anymore." but you know what? she didnt!!! and i love her for that. i idolize her for that. not in the idolizing way that i put her infront of God or Jesus, but she's up there.

my senior year i did not think i would get along with her at all and neither did she. but by some miracle we became closer than we have ever been. maybe it was because we were stuck in cypress for so long that everyone seemed like they needed to their head checked and me and becca just settled for eachother. oh goodness i just realized it sounds like shes my wife or something. nope....if only.

but im going to see her in less than a week!! we are going to take a road trip back home. and im excited!!! i will probably sleep the whole way, and she will love me for that. but maybe not. i just miss her!