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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Man oh man. I have not seen this movie in so long. There's so many parts where I am just in LOVE with this movie, but then there's one or two or three parts where I am just like...uhh.....they must be high. But you have to give the director credit for her imagination?? And I figured out the black guy and the girl Sadie are supposed to be Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. Crazy right?? And then the guy that sings I am the Walrus is the lead singer from U2. I looked it up and then my roommate Erin was just like, "Yeah you didn't know that?" No I didn't because I Google'd it. I want to marry Jim Sturgess by the way. I want to marry someone from Europe that speaks English and has an accent. But I think that it wouldn't work out. Because they wouldn't want to live in America and then I would want to, and then I would feel weird being in a totally different country. But I want him to make adjustments for me. That's not too much to ask, right??

Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 DAYS!!

Until I get to visit California. You do not realize how much you love home until you have to live in a cold cold place such as Rexburg. Today, Thursday June 17th, the weather was freezing. I am so excited to see Chris, my family, and Becca. That's really who I am going for. I cannot wait!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


So, heres the story.

My roommate, Kelley, lives in Montana. She is friends with Aaron Light, who was my old FHE Brudda from Fall 09 semester. We decided to drive up for the weekend because we are in Rexburg.

We started our trip on Thursday night, and drove through the night. We were supposed to leave Friday after classes but we got too antsy. It was really exciting because on the car ride up to Billings, MT it was snowing. You ask, why was it snowing in June? I don't know. So we almost hit a wolf, and the deer on the side of the road scared me, so I screamed. We also took the wrong way so we went through Yellowstone, but just on the outside. I wish I would have seen it, but it was dark. Kelley was really scared to drive in the snow storm and then was wondering why I was so chill about the storm. I still don't really know why. But it was.....AN ADVENTURE.....going up there in the middle of the night. By 4 a.m. things start sounding a lot funnier than they should and I'm pretty sure we had intelligent conversations about railroads or something like that. But we got to Billings at 6 a.m. then I slept till about 1 pm. Then I met Brittany, Shelby, and Mike and they are freaking awesome people. Such funny people and just so easy to talk to.

Side note: Montana is nicknamed the big sky state. And they really mean it. For some reason, they sky just looks huge. I know that's really weird to say but it just looks gigantic!

So then we meet up with Aaron after jumping on Shelby's trampoline. By the way, her backyard has this big rock or something and lots of green and a little stream. How cool is that!?!?! Really cool, I know. It's gorgeous. We were over at his house and played Super Mario Smash Bros. which is a lot harder than it looks. We went folfing (frisbee and golf) and I thought I was good, for being in last place on my first time. Then got Little Caesar's. I met Myra, LOVE HER. She's so awesome. And then we went to the Drive In and watched Karate Kid (lame) and then Marmaduke (lame, but clever). Then went to Wal-Mart and the park and almost got sick on one of the spinny things.

Then on Saturday we went over to Aaron's house and let me tell you something. He has 13 in all in his family. So there house is just crazy, and I love it! He's one of the oldest so there's little kids running around and it's just so nice. They have (this is my guess-amation) 5 horses, 3 dogs, 2 goats, 10 chickens, and 2 mules. Something like that. But just animals everywhere! Some of his little sisters came out with me to pet the horses, I loved it. There my best friends right now. They have such an open backyard. And they have this swing hanging on a tree. It is so cool. Aaron thought he lost me because his sisters asked me if I wanted to pet the goats and I didn't tell anyone where I was going. It's okay though, I was fine. Then we went roller blading, which I don't do at all. Myra was a very nice teacher and put a lot of confidence in me which I did not have. We went down one hill, and I was fine. But then the second hill for some reason did not look as steep to me so I thought I could handle it......


I got scared to I went off to the side of the bike trail and just ate it, so therefore I fell really hard and rolled. It was kind of like falling off an inner tube in the lake, except a lot hard with more scars. So nothing like it, except the falling off. But it was soooooo awesome!! Myra is so sweet, and she barely knows me, but still was so concerned about me. She just had me hold on to the back of her on the way back, which still amazes me that she pulled me uphill also. Then after that Myra took me back to Brittany's house and I took a nap, woke up, and then we went to a park, didn't really do anything spectacular, but we just hung out. It was nice though cause I still am kind of sore from falling. Then we came back to the house me and Kelley are staying at, and then everyone fell asleep while watching Princess and the Frog while I was doing homework. I'm so bored just because I took a nap so I am wide awake and everyone's asleep. All well. Maybe I will sleep more.

But it's been real. It's been fun. But it hasn't been real fun.
(Note to chris g...I can't remember what you said to me earlier on the phone to put on my blog. please remind me. when you pick up your phone. which you should do more often.)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quotes from Fall 2009

<<-----that is kenzie on skype

I just get so pasta happy.

I'm not lazy, I just don't want to get up!

I really hate real life....I wish I could live in Rachel's fantasy.

Is that a mermaid?

me: Don't make me look at your face
lori: too late

I like the way you move...that's appropriate and sounds dirty at the same time!

Oh...I don't know how to tie my shoes.

There's nothing wrong with Kelsey germs!

me: where do you want to be in 5 years?
kelsey: away from you

hahahah.....we put you on a bungee cord

kelsey: you were sleeping on your money last night
me: my bunny?
kelsey: no you're lunny....i mean money

i heard it with my own eyes

don't go down, don't go down, im still in my robe

me: he's really sweet
izzy: well so is the pope

that's really old english

rachel, why aren't you married yet?

me: don't kill my childhood
lori: slaughter, slaughter, slaughter

i'm a prostitute, hear me roar

lori, it was your face that started it all

well im a one time kinda girl

me: i dont have to explain myself
lori: i dont think you can

kelsey: make her suffer
me: did you just say have her for supper?