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Monday, January 25, 2010

the shape of my heart

my love is christopher gutierrez.
today on the phone he asked me why i liked him so much.
i couldnt think of all the reasons because there's so many times weve hung out and all the stories i could talk about seemed to be all cramming their way into my mouth. so i have decided to type them down.

reasons i love christopher.
1. i have never had to give him a courtesy laugh
2. our first date, he told me that he wasn't done hanging out with me. i wasn't either
3. we appreciate each others music
4. no matter how gross i look he still loves me
5. i just don't love him, i like him
6. hes the first guy that i hung out with the whole summer almost every day and didn't get sick of
7. he makes an effort to get to know my friends
8. hes always worried if people like him, which they do
9. we have talked on the phone for 5 hours
10. he knows im weird, and reminds me almost every day
11. even though it was only 4 months, we kept a long distance relationship
12. he gave me oatmeal and jelly beans for christmas
13. he has this laugh that just makes me laugh even harder
14. hes ticklish on his shins/ankles
15. he introduced me to arrested development
16. we both love the same type of movies
17. i can talk to him about bread
18. instead of calling me hot or beautiful, he calls me adorable
19. i like his hair a lot, its soft
20. he wouldn't think this blog would be creepy
21. the way he looks at me makes me want to smile
22. he thought i had a stutter when we first started dating but i was just nervous
23. the first time he kissed me he told me he was going to do it before he actually did
24. we both try somethings like kissing in the rain because its cliche
25. we say "its like in the movies"
26. hes a great story teller
27. he would want to talk to my roommates, and always have them laughing
28. hes such a charmer
29. he always says i smell good
30. he loves my brother
31. even though he didn't like the shirt i got him for christmas, he still wears it
32. he helped make cinnamon braided bread with me
33. hes an amazing shopper
34. he wont get jealous or angry when i tell a story about my ex boy friend because he understands that those are still my memories
35. he wants to meet my ex boyfriend
36. my niece is in love with him
37. he loves my family
38. i love his family
39. he thinks its cute when i wear my footie pajamas
40. hes sincere
41. i spent a whole day with him at catalina, and it was the most fun i have ever had
42. he has certain words that he loves me to say
43. he kisses me in public, but not to gushy
44. even a kiss on the cheek sends goosebumps down my arms
45. he always knows behind the scene facts about movies or music
46. he thinks that every guy i talk to is into me
47. he gets pedicures
48. hes honest with me
49. hes old school and classy
50. he has an incredible smile.