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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Latest Obsession

snow patrol.

i have many music obsessions but once at a time. before snow patrol it was elvis, the yeah yeah yeahs, bishop allen, and the jonas brothers love bug song. the only thing killing my obsession right now is that only one of the headphones is not working so i cannot get the full experience. if i tilt my head, break my neck, wiggle the cord, and then will work. but then if i move to rock out it will cut off the sound for my ear and then that ear gets sad and doesnt get listen to music anymore.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Week

monday-went to school. what a joy. it was brennons 13th (not 14) birthday. and then i had a english presentation and a history homework packet/test due tuesday.

stress=when your only hard classes have big assignments due on the same day. and your a procrastinator.

but david came over after i was done with it so that was very nice

tuesday-school. then slept for 4 hours. nice little nap. then was off to young womens. PIZZA!!! the best ever. got to see my ghost that only comes out sometimes, channing. then got to sleep at 11.

wednesday-the worst day of my life. on my way to davids, car breaks down because of the "alternator." but just the worst possible day ever. get grounded for trying to move the car, but wasnt very succesful when it broke down in the middle of the intersection.

thursday-go to beccas after school. sleep. for an hour. i think that's all i did. oh and presented in english...think i got an A++++. hopefully. worked my but off and wrote a song for Elvis Presley (biography project) and discovered one night only band. music is the best. and then watched a couple office episodes which are amazing.

friday- brennons birthday partay! they went lazer tagging. david came over. but was immediately sent home after my papa grounded me again for being 5 minutes late to seminary


Friday, November 14, 2008

TONIGHT is gonna be carazy!

so tonight is going to be an exciting one.
i have a date. with

her date: jeff
my boyfriend.

we are going to make pizza.

and then we will be off to go bowling. it shall be oober fun.
but on a darker note...schools a drag except sports med, preschool, photo, and government. pretty much english is a drag. especially when you have a teacher like markle. but i just keep telling myslef


7 1/2 months

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pictures of Disneyland on a Wonderful Day

I spent Disneyland with my niece, becca, my momma, and my sissy. It was very fun. I have way more pictures than this. But this is one of the many. This is mainly for Bryce and Jennifer...look at your little niece!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the election

its finally over! after 14 hours working in the polls for the election it is finally over. it felt like forever but it took longer than that. with 5 crabby old women that are all friends and like to call us young adults "hoodlums" it felt long. it was a nice experience to see it all happen but overall waste of my time. i couldve worked or gone to school which wouldve been way more of a satisfaction. and when you have the other kids working with you that are suck ups to the crabby old women it makes you feel like the time just expands.

my whole day....spent on sitting there giving people there "i voted" stickers and sitting there while i felt lazier than ever. i would have to walk around cause my legs would get so stiff.

but other than all that. it was historical. yeah for a half black president.