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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's About Time I Did This

Yes, its been the ever so long waited of the LIST. yes the epic LIST of boys that somehow got their lips onto mine.

1. greg daniels-8th grade, first "boyfriend" as boyfriend as you can get in junior high. it lasted for about a month
2. mez white-9th grade, sadie hawkins date, 2 weeks
3. wesley-10th grade, i would always meet him at the dances, from downey
4. patrick? at least i think thats his name, also would meet him at the dances
5. david-well...yeahhh. about a year
6. cody-senior year, from placentia
7. matt-from singles ward, when i was still in high school. pedophile. i think it was 2 weeks?
8. chris. who knows. defriended me of facebook
9. will-byu idaho, the only guy so far that ive kissed up at school, a week? approx.
10. jerry-from placentia, when i got home from school in july. 2 weeks
11. zach-frostbites. a day.
12.eric-ralphs boy, met him when i was about saran wrapping chris's car. defriended me on facebook. on and off again for a month?
13. chris mccutcheon-i have to differentiate between the two chris's. yeah he smoked to. grody. defriended me on facebook. a week and a half
14. leander-sweet sweet boy!! still talk to him this day. not on a daily basis. about 2 1/2 weeks
15. aaron-my montana boy. he is serving a mission in the phillipines as we speak!
16. jason-from singles ward. smart computer programmer. a month?
17. parker- new years eve kiss.
18. kiliki-codys friend.....yeahh....awkward
20. james-he was really excited to go to roscoes chicken and waffles. and hes really hot. it helped :)
21.chad-landons cousin. it was at 6 in the morning, with no sleep before that
22. tristan-one of the los al boys. about 2 weeks
23. adam-tristans friend. and we are still friends. awkward
24. landon-it was a dare.
25. randal- my cousins friend. a week. defriended me on facebook.
26. naddy-some black guy. channings friend.
but there was a statistic that said on people kiss on average 43 people. and no i did not make that up to make my number would be about half that size.