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Friday, December 11, 2009

To leave on a worthy note....I will write a blog at 2 A.M.

It takes me awhile to wind down from working, and since I didn't get off work until 1145 it will take me awhile. I already finished my english essay, checked my facebook (i feel like that's always on my to do list, when it really shouldn't be there, so its more of an addiction) and checked my email.

but i have now decided to pick the subject of this post


she has seriously stuck with me since 7th grade. i do not know how she did it. there was me always ditching her for my new found craze....boys. and then thinking that i should hang out with the "cool" crowd, and then realized im not "cool". there has been so many times where she could have said, "you know what karina i am done with you, you are not my friend anymore." but you know what? she didnt!!! and i love her for that. i idolize her for that. not in the idolizing way that i put her infront of God or Jesus, but she's up there.

my senior year i did not think i would get along with her at all and neither did she. but by some miracle we became closer than we have ever been. maybe it was because we were stuck in cypress for so long that everyone seemed like they needed to their head checked and me and becca just settled for eachother. oh goodness i just realized it sounds like shes my wife or something. nope....if only.

but im going to see her in less than a week!! we are going to take a road trip back home. and im excited!!! i will probably sleep the whole way, and she will love me for that. but maybe not. i just miss her!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

At Home From Thanksgiving

I get home. Three o'clock in the morning to find my door to the apartment in Rexburg locked. No worries, I have a key. No one is home. I didnt expect anyone to be home, I just assumed they would all be back Sunday in the morning or afternoon. So I make a Welcome Back sign, go to church, come back, and still.....


I do not like being alone. Why isn't anyone home? I don't understand. I am so sick of listening to music and watching youtube videos by myself. And being in an apartment that is meant for six girls gets really lonely when there's only one person, and that person is you. Never will I rent an apartment by myself. Or live by myself. It's so creepy. Why haven't my roommates come home yet???


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Civil Defense Caves

oh yes. theres caves in idaho. who knew??

so the point of these caves is to explore, learn about caves, and best of guessed it.

HIDE and GO seek.

what you do is you get glow sticks, break them open and splatter them across the rock pile in the cave. then you splatter yourself. then the best part!! after your all done splattering then you pick someone to be it, and then while the person thats it counts, everyone else goes and hides where the splattered rocks are. so everyone else blends in. fun right? right?


today we (lauren, kelsey, seth, and jordan) went to the caves. first we got lost for awhile. then right before we got there yours truly had to go to the bathroom. in the wilderness. and so that set off a chain of events. lauren needed to go, then the boys, and kelsey was left outta the go to the bathroom in the wilderness trend. and then we went down in the caves with our version of our flashlights that were a light keychain, light saber iphone, and cellphone light. woooo hoooo. and then we played the game, we played four rounds, and jordan stepped on my head along with seths head. so funny. and then we got out of the caves. and then headed back. but on our way back there was a horse at the edge of the fence near the road. i had to pet it, i just had to. of course this horse doesnt trust me, but i touched it! and i wannnnna horse. and then we went to the crossroads, had a grand old time, and then went to DI. and yada yada yada...blah blah blah.

and the rest is history!

i got to touch a horse.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Life as A College Girl

well lets see. it all started on monday september 7th, labor day.

we checked in. unloaded everything
and then we were off
got my get connected stuff
and then we went to the student/parent lunch
games on the field with our group
then out to dinner for my mommas dinner
and shopping for groceries
then talked to chris for 2 1/2 hours
and then sleep

woke up at 830 am before my alarm...grrrr...
then ate breakfast and shower
then facebooked...blah
then got my books
said goodbye to the parents
then read through a syllabus for american foundations class
then went to find my classes so i wouldnt get lost
went to the dinner that costed $1 with garett
and then came back and watched friend green tomatoes while talking to chris

its been really fun!! and now back to the movie.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


...the newest addition of the coleman clan. even though shes a bremer. shes adorable though. shes got these blue eyes! smiles everytime you talk to her! such a calm baby (probably not for long) she will be gorgeous. even though she is already.

Monday, July 20, 2009

for my memory

my summer has been great, thanks for asking.

i am writing things i have done so far so in the summer of 2009 so it doesnt seem like a blur.

-gone to the beach but havent gotten in yet. strange.

-got a boyfriend. that shouldve been first but i was so worried about the beach for some reason

-still working at the daycare. which gets better and better everyday.(seriously and sarcastically)

-went to the circus, that was fun

-went to the st. ireanus carnival

-went to nauvoo, illinois. which consisted of going everywhere and anywhere. and also in the state of missouri

-gone mini golfing

-going to laughlin nevada

-going to main street a lot lately

-gone to a beach concert

-going to arizona (excited!)


-harbor house...mmmm yummy


-put my feet in the marshlands

-talked on the phones for 5 1/2 hours!!!

-watched glee

-went to a dodgers game

-michael jackson died. thats not really what i did this summer but i just remembered it

-got my haircut

-won a plant

-fallen in love with arrested development

and thats my summer so far. theres more but my memory...not so great.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So...It's My Birthday

my birthday consisted of:

lots of phone calls from the familia and amigos
trying to go to the carnival but realized it didnt open till 6
driving and walking down to main st with chris gutierrez
laying on the ever so soft sand that felt more like an amazing bed
facebooking in between
getting fingerprinted for work which was RIDICULOUS
walking on the pier
going to bucca di beppo with sisters and momma
getting the most amazing presents from amelia, chris, kaylene, momma, and kandice
(becca im still waiting for mine!)
attempting stick shift but never seemed to get around to it......
eating zuchinni fries at pauls place...mmmmm.....
getting a lot of happy birthdays on facebook
and thats about it

this is what happens when i turn 18. and now toilet papering and sleep over at amelias house.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Why yes, yes it has been awhile. and sis lighthall has guilted me into keeping a journal and this is the closest thing i have to a journal.

but the newest updates

im graduating june 16 and its june 3!!! excited. and im ignoring the fact that i slept into today on purpose cause school has been pointless. and i just wanted a taste of what summer is gonna be like.

i have completed FOUR FREAKIN YEARS OF SEMINARY!!! sooooo happy. no more waking up early. no more being sleep deprived. except when i go to college and ive gotta pull all nighters. and of course when i have kids and there crying for their mama at 3 in the morning. but other than that no more sleep deprivation.

i have a fun, yet stressful job, that i oddly love to do. working at the at home daycare. i would love it more if it was in a real facility but i cant have everything i wish for. it would be nice though.

i had a cat. it lasted for exactly a week. until i just realized i wasnt a cat person after deep meditation and id rather not have claws digging into my legs everytime i get ready for school. becca hates me for it. but its out of my house and its in a good home. even though oliver (cats name, tabby) thinks im his mother. which im not. but in his mind i am.

i am doubting whether or not i should be a elementary school teacher. blanca at work said i should be a pediatritian. she said she could picture me doing that and cant picture me being a school teacher. but who knows. i want to be a lot of things. like a massage therapist, interior designer, work at pixar, put music in movies, music teacher, photo editor, traveler, just something amazing!

melissa got married. it was weird to see her in a wedding dress and to think shes a wife and thats her husband. but theres so cute together. even though shes only 18.

im counting down the days till byu-i. im so excited. i just had a dream about it last night. that we were just taking this long trip and we were walking. and all of a sudden there was an earthquake and i was in this building where i had to get chased out of. it was so strange. they should start to hook my brain up to a machine and try and figure out whats wrong with me. that or make a movie out of it. but yeah! im really excited for byu-i

i got student of the year award in preschool class. it was such a nice plaque too. and then i got a nomination for photo also. and everyone knew about it at school the next day cause i didnt go to the awards. and they said i got two plaques and not just one. but the lady said nope just one. all well. maybe she'll find it and say "oh i was wrong."

and my new (but old) music obsessions

arctic monkeys eddie vedder carolina liar the rescues
everclear andrew bird eva kassidy emilie mover
regina spektor fiona apple brazillian girls liam finn
cage the elephant wilco emiliana torrini demi lovato
mgmt the decemberists brett dennen clap your hands and say yeah
the kooks tom petty erin mccarley what made milwaukee famous
everybody else cake the bird and the bee oren lavie

there is much much more but im hungry and want some delicious breakfast.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


well we got here at the magnificent shilo inn at 11 on thursday night.

of course the roomies are alex, lindsay, and beccaboo. after i did a little switching of the rooms.

and we clunked out at 1130.

then i woke up at 6 with a terrible toothache! a friggin toothace! it hurt like no other too! but i was hungry and i was told that breakfast would be served at 6. WRONG! 6:30. and as i came down to the lobby i realized all the guys were meeting at 615 and leaving at 630. all just glad i dont like anyone in our stake. cause i looked like craaaap. but had breakfast by myself. really peaceful actually. and then go to baptisms for the dead. coolest experience ever!!!

but then...when i came out of the temple. it was SNOWING!!! my first time seeing it actually snow. like in the process of the snow falling on the ground. and it was awesome!!!!!!!!! then watched the joseph smith movie which was good...considering it was the 3rd time ive seen it. but still good. girl in back of me bawling her eyes out though. mustve broke off her wedding recently or something.

then went shopping with a sweater for 5.99!! from forever 21. what a deal! had a fun time with alex. then we ate at a brazillian bbq. really good food. then went back on the train thinamajig. then slept for 2 hours instead of going to the scavenger hunt. we were supposed to go to the outside ice skating rink but noooooo....they took all the "ice out". bullll.....then ordered pizza with alex after finding pranks that we would never do but thing are soo funnny.

then walked around at night with alex in salt lake city, came back and talked to david. went to sleep. woke right up with the stupid alarm BECCA set on MY PHONE! and then denied the fact that she set it the night before. but ate breakfast went to conference. then me and devon ended up being stuck with eachother but it ended nicely cause we got a coupon to a nice sandwhich/soup place and he treated. SWEEET. but then walked back to the hotel and finished english.

but its only saturday. and im supposed to be at conference but becca wouldnt wake up. so im blaming it on her. actually its not her fault i purposely didnt wake her up. now we are going to find "hiding spots" and that is snow in the background. SNOW!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who Knew?

That this site was not blocked from the schools internet? craaaaazy. 

the joys of getting to go on a computer everyday is amazing
theres nothing ever different about it. 
just go on get off when the bell rings and your done. 

and i just doooo nothing!! 
well except [photoshop] but its gets old after awhile. like its been 2 years old. 

i need more pictures to photoshop. ive ran out. again. 
but maybe becca will do a photoshoot with me. 
she will
cause shes the only one that reads my pointless blogs. 
woops bell rang. off to econ

Sunday, March 15, 2009


i hate them. i think that they dont ever mature. they just get worse.

and worse
and worse

i might just write a mean nasty song about them.

ill get back to you on it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I Have Heard Today

But are the total opposite of what the people really said. the first one is what i thought they said and the next will be what they really said

do you want onion juice-do you want noo noos(noodle, becca)

karina get the house phone-becca get the house phone(sis mattson)


laurens having a baby!-lauren has plants in her house(carissa)

dancers-denser(the killers, still dont know which one to believe)

take these suckers down-tape these suckers down(katy perry-one of the boys)

its name is miracle!-its name is marcie. (ok i just cant read, but it was a dog i found in my neighborhood and i thought its name was miracle. but becca corrected me by looking at the tag more closely)

oh devon your treating us to in n out since i came with you to the dance(me)-hey i didnt say anything(devon) ok actually i just really wanted some french fries and you have to make them think that they are being a gentleman. works everytime!!

my explanation of why i cant hear very well.

my moms and mine convos

mom:karina what did i ask you to do

me:i did it.

mom:no karina...what did i ask you

me:i did it


me:well mom i knew you were gonna make me say clean my room and then you were gonna say yes and did you do that? and then i wouldve said yes i did it. so i just decided to say that part in my head and skip a couple thoughts instead of saying them

mom:wait what?

oh the wonders of having such a brilliant daughter...i know. so maybe i cant hear what anybody is really saying cause im skipping over so many thoughts and im predicting what you will say in the future.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Names

NOO! not gonna be getting married and having a baby anytime soon. this is just a reference for WHEN i do get married and have a baby. cause i will. im not gonna die alone with my 50 cats talking to myself about the good ole days. no i wont. i refuse.

Girls names first, then boys are second






Franz/ Ferris
















and yes i did leave out some letters. but who likes any names that start with q, u, x, y, and z.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Becca's Sleeping...shhhhh.

I have never noticed that she did snore. But right now. As I am typing. She is snoring!!! really loudly. it is 1:38, and this is what time shes usually asleep. but never has she snored. or she has and i just usually have the music really loudly. which also suprises me that she doesnt wake up to the music. but getting off track. i dont have music on and i can hear her snore. now im usually always over when becca has her "naps" (or comas as i like to call them) and today she is OUT. and there is wrangler and becca. wranglers just a camera hog, he just cant resist. but hes actually just licking my hand cause i just ate string cheese.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

20 Things I Need to Do Before I Go to COLLEGE!

1. Eat a hot cheeto without freaking out that it is so hot
2. Learn how to use the pen tool correctly on photoshop cs3
3. find more scholarships
4. go on a hike for a date
5. clean out my cluttery room
6. have a fun time at a dance without you know who
7. watch lars and the real girl
8. excercise
9. go to a ball/masquerade
10. go to carnival
11. get a job
12. get in a food fight at bjs
13. play my guitar on a street corner
14. keep improving beccas sense of style
15. learn how to cook from laurens expertise ways
16. actually bring a date when im with jeff&becca
17. get an A+ in English (may include bribes)
18. understand economics
19. go to ce fliore and have waffles&frozen yogurt
20. and go paintballing (beccas idea, im up for it)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Stick Shifts and Safety Belts-Cake

wow. that song just speaks to me. you definitely need a safety belt when learning stick shift driving. becca took the liberty of teaching me how to drive stick shift because my dad just decided to sell our only stick shift car (r.i.p. the datsun, well actually you cant r.i.p. a car that wasnt sent to the chop shop just was sold to someone else...but its r.i.p.'ing in my heart) when im about to learn how to drive.

so....becca was nice enough to teach me and it was really bumpy at first but i sorta kinda not really got the hang of it!! and then as im trying to slowly take the clutch off and then add on with the gas, neal and his xcountry runner buddies start walking out. so of course i get nervous that someone is watching and dont concentrate too well on the clutch and gas and...stall the car. so neal walks up and opens the car door. I KNOW...becca started to get really hostile. kinda like a mother over her baby cub kinda hostile. and shes thinking "when did he think it was okay to touch my car, and even open my door" so neal asks what are you guys doing? are you trying to teach her stick. and kinda rambles on and on....and he says parker you show her how to drive stick. then becca gets really heated because 1. you dont step in on beccas territory and try and take over and 2. its neal and his friends and theyre a bunch of xcountry airhead jerks. and so this kid says okay put only your left hand on the wheel, foot on the clutch, and go. well if it was that easy i wouldve GOTTEN IT!!! later meandbecca found out parker didnt know how to drive stick. but after about an hour my left leg cramped up from pushing the clutch in so many times.

Friday, February 6, 2009


enjoying my friday. as mr hansen from sports med class always says "its chill buddy"
talking on facebook to mehlanie from build a bear
confirming beccas thoughts that 8+6 does in fact equal 14. and she's in AP classes.
wishing i had hot cocoa cause it was raining.
listening to moulin rouge soundtrack
still trying to contemplate on whether i should drop scuba diving or not.
using an electrical powered knife that cuts FOR you!
trying to get a job anywhere thats somewhat pleasant
figuring out whether quesadillas or bananas are better food objects
inventing whats already invented
scholarships....and more scholarships
and counting down the days to byu-idaho!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


into byu-i.

who wouldve thought that the girl that though gaz, gaas, gaus?

the thing that they give you to stop bleeding that is cotton

not the point...but! the girl that though gaus was the plural form. and that gaaaaa was the singular.

dont have to...
sit in seminary class anymore!! (even though i secretly enjoy just this year)
listen to anymore high school drama!! now its college drama
sit in english class with mr markle
go to cypress community college
and a list of other things that i cant remember cause im so excited!!

BUT I DID IT!!!! and of course i had to call the family, friends, and people i havent seen in 20 years. yes twenty years. but i am out of california!! i know i will appreciate california once i leave it and miss it and blah blah blah. but i really need to "experience" it by getting out for college!!!!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dont Believer Her

whatever rebecca lynn mattson says or writes about saturday night....its not TRUE!!

that is the face of a liar!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

College and money equals nightmare

the one thing i have learned to hate. looking for scholarships. there is nothing more annoying than trying to find a scholarship. i'll qualify for the scholarship until the last qualification. and then all of a sudden i cant get that scholarship. and then when i do find a scholarship that actually applies to me it's either a fake or i just dont know how to apply cause there's no apply button thing!! and i dont even know if im accepted into byu-i or byu so why try and get a scholarship right now for a college i might not even get into??

ill just join the circus.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

the after party

uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. staying up till 3:30 in the morning. i still dont know if its a good idea. even if you are cracking up and having a good time. it still hits you in the morning and keeps you tired the whole day. and you have to wait until its time to go to sleep again cause you cant take a nap cause then you will mess up the whole sleep pattern.

who wants to do that??

but now i have nothing to do. i shouldve just tried to sleep in. but its hard when 2 other girls are taking up your amazingly awesome bed space. but thats how its gonna be when im married. so i might as well get use to it or kick my future husband out of the bed to hog it all to myself!!