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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Growlers CONCERT!!

So me and Channing Laufou were talking about how summer was a haze, and that we don't really remember AT ALL what happened during summer....but I keep forgetting I have a blog and I can actually record my life!!! And I would with a diary, but then my mom would read it. So I figured I might as well just put in on the internet...for everyone else to see. Including her. But we're just going to keep it from her, sounds good?

So I just got back from the most INTENSE and AMAZING concert ever! It was INSANE!! First off we get there (Landon and I) and there's a little folk country band. Not too shabby, then there was the Tulips. Go into the pit and get pushed around like no ones BUSINESS!! No joke, there was a guy on the ground with a skateboard that came up and hit me in the head. I still have a huge bump on my face but its a souvenir! And then just got pushed around even more and pretty sure I was on the ground a couple times. But it wasn't until the Growlers, the main band, got on...thats when it all went down....

Landon and Chad jumped over the wall into the pit because it was so full they weren't letting anyone down there, so about halfway through the show I followed them and once I got into the middle, a guy just kept giving me a thumbs up, so I just kept giving it back to him, and he finally said, "you go up?" and I still wasn't sure what he meant, so I said yeah and he and another guy grabbed my legs and put me on one of their shoulders and I was up in the air for a good 2 minutes until I landed on some girls. It was amazing music, got thrashed around. And then people started going up on stages and hugging the lead singer, and the show got cut short because of that. It was insane!!!!! That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

But other than that Merry Christmas to all!! Its Christmas EVE!!!! I still don't feel like it's Christmas, but that's because it doesn't snow, and hardly anyone put up lights because who knows why.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just an update, for my terrible memory

I feel like my blogs like my pensieve from Harry Potter. My little storage cupboard of my memories.

BUT first things first. THE MUPPETS. Everyone go see it. It's amazing. I can't even begin to think where to start because I loved it all. Except this one scene that involved rapping for 20 seconds, but other than that....awesome!!
Its Christmas time!! We still haven't gotten a tree, and I don't think my mother wants one...sad day. Since apparently we're "all out of the house" there's no point. And apparently me and Brennon do not exist.
I went to Arizona for Thanksgiving! It was a shady hotel we stayed in, where there were lots of black people and smoking weed. But other than that, it was greaaaaaat.
Aaron has 11 months now. He is sending me a Christmas gift....and I wish I knew what it was.
Work work work work work. Yeah that's what I do in my spare time. That and roller skate...whaaaat.
The new season of Psych is AMAZING...and hilarious as ever.
I have a new friend, Ashly Hannah. She's awesome. She goes roller skating with me, since no one else will.
I'm in the bell choir. It's pretty fun. I just wish that I could do it forever!!! Like go on tour...thats possible right?
My knuckles are dry and cracked.
I want to travel somewhere, go somewhere knew. But like Ireland.
That's about it right now.