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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just an update, for my terrible memory

I feel like my blogs like my pensieve from Harry Potter. My little storage cupboard of my memories.

BUT first things first. THE MUPPETS. Everyone go see it. It's amazing. I can't even begin to think where to start because I loved it all. Except this one scene that involved rapping for 20 seconds, but other than that....awesome!!
Its Christmas time!! We still haven't gotten a tree, and I don't think my mother wants one...sad day. Since apparently we're "all out of the house" there's no point. And apparently me and Brennon do not exist.
I went to Arizona for Thanksgiving! It was a shady hotel we stayed in, where there were lots of black people and smoking weed. But other than that, it was greaaaaaat.
Aaron has 11 months now. He is sending me a Christmas gift....and I wish I knew what it was.
Work work work work work. Yeah that's what I do in my spare time. That and roller skate...whaaaat.
The new season of Psych is AMAZING...and hilarious as ever.
I have a new friend, Ashly Hannah. She's awesome. She goes roller skating with me, since no one else will.
I'm in the bell choir. It's pretty fun. I just wish that I could do it forever!!! Like go on tour...thats possible right?
My knuckles are dry and cracked.
I want to travel somewhere, go somewhere knew. But like Ireland.
That's about it right now.


Kelsey Marie said...

I will roller skate with you my beloved :) And you should probably get some lotion for your nasty knuckles! ;)

Becca said...

stop being in bell choir. it will suck you in. into the cypress cyclone that is ever present! you're becoming a singles ward cypress loser!!! GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!

Karina Coleman said...

thanks becca, for pointing out the inevitable! it was bound to happen sometime, that i was to become one of them. and thanks kels for being concerned about my knuckles. and in april we will go roller skating!!