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Saturday, April 4, 2009


well we got here at the magnificent shilo inn at 11 on thursday night.

of course the roomies are alex, lindsay, and beccaboo. after i did a little switching of the rooms.

and we clunked out at 1130.

then i woke up at 6 with a terrible toothache! a friggin toothace! it hurt like no other too! but i was hungry and i was told that breakfast would be served at 6. WRONG! 6:30. and as i came down to the lobby i realized all the guys were meeting at 615 and leaving at 630. all just glad i dont like anyone in our stake. cause i looked like craaaap. but had breakfast by myself. really peaceful actually. and then go to baptisms for the dead. coolest experience ever!!!

but then...when i came out of the temple. it was SNOWING!!! my first time seeing it actually snow. like in the process of the snow falling on the ground. and it was awesome!!!!!!!!! then watched the joseph smith movie which was good...considering it was the 3rd time ive seen it. but still good. girl in back of me bawling her eyes out though. mustve broke off her wedding recently or something.

then went shopping with a sweater for 5.99!! from forever 21. what a deal! had a fun time with alex. then we ate at a brazillian bbq. really good food. then went back on the train thinamajig. then slept for 2 hours instead of going to the scavenger hunt. we were supposed to go to the outside ice skating rink but noooooo....they took all the "ice out". bullll.....then ordered pizza with alex after finding pranks that we would never do but thing are soo funnny.

then walked around at night with alex in salt lake city, came back and talked to david. went to sleep. woke right up with the stupid alarm BECCA set on MY PHONE! and then denied the fact that she set it the night before. but ate breakfast went to conference. then me and devon ended up being stuck with eachother but it ended nicely cause we got a coupon to a nice sandwhich/soup place and he treated. SWEEET. but then walked back to the hotel and finished english.

but its only saturday. and im supposed to be at conference but becca wouldnt wake up. so im blaming it on her. actually its not her fault i purposely didnt wake her up. now we are going to find "hiding spots" and that is snow in the background. SNOW!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who Knew?

That this site was not blocked from the schools internet? craaaaazy. 

the joys of getting to go on a computer everyday is amazing
theres nothing ever different about it. 
just go on get off when the bell rings and your done. 

and i just doooo nothing!! 
well except [photoshop] but its gets old after awhile. like its been 2 years old. 

i need more pictures to photoshop. ive ran out. again. 
but maybe becca will do a photoshoot with me. 
she will
cause shes the only one that reads my pointless blogs. 
woops bell rang. off to econ