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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rexburg Visit!!!

So I visited Rexburg, Idaho. I am still here and I can't fall asleep, and I realized I haven't blogged in awhile. (I only thought old ladies and moms could use that word, but it turns out I can say it too!) So, it has been good up here. I got here, gave Kendra a super super big hug!! And then I went to say hello to JT Hurt, and hung out with him for a little bit. And on Saturday I woke up, took cousin Skyler to Ramirez's (best freaking Mexican restaurant in Rexburg) and then went over to Lauren's apartment, who was soooo happy to see me!! She was probably my favorite person to hug when I saw her. We watched Psych and then I went to her Stake Conference. Then after that, I went on a date with Skyler's roommate, Evan, who is so precious. He's still like a little boy and just has the purest face I have ever seen. We went lazer tagging and the gentleman that he is, guarded me. It didn't help much because I came in second to last on our team. But it was okay, I'm glad that one of my skills is not lazer tagging. It would be nice to be good at it, but I guess it doesn't look too good on a job application. Then we went to this pretzel place and got gooood pretzels and came back and watched Singles Ward the movie, and I forgot how funny that movie actually was, especially watching it and being in the Singles Ward. But then I went back to Laurens apartment and we watched Leap Year, which was super predictable but really cute and actually kind of funny. But I fell asleep while Lauren and Kylie were talking, and then kept waking up because Kylie was still sitting where my feet were and I felt bad if I extended them, but I kept doing that in my sleep. But then on Sunday, I went to their Stake Conference and then visited Jordan, Will, Matt, and met Matt's little brother Joe, who is adorable. Then we went back to Lauren's apartment, made spaghetti and homemade meatballs which were scrumptious! And then I went back to Jordan's apartment, and hung out there until curfew, and then came back to the yellow house and talked to Kendra for a bit. I miss Rexburg, but only because of the people, I don't miss the school or sharing with girls at all, but I know I have to come back. Eventually.....