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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Apparently you (it's probably just me) can't see the picture of Devon.

that's him. my main man. not really my main man, but pretty much. his leg looks weird.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So I am super super grateful for all the missionaries out there right now. like SUPAH grateful. but I wish I could just skip this age where all of the guys my age are gone and off in far away lands.

Yes, I stole these pictures off of facebook. Yes I know I'm a creep. But they'll never know......shhhh....
Aaron Light: He didn't really have any "missionary" pictures, so this is what we got. Aaron is from Montana, and I met him up at BYU-Idaho, and I'm pretty much in love with this kid. We write each other every week because he's still in the MTC and I seriously do not know what I'm going to do when he goes to the Philippines. His letters are always like I'm trying to break a code because he's in the process of learning Tagalog, and I'm his guinea pig. So when I translate it on google translator (I love Google!) it always comes out in broken English, or it doesn't even translate. I wish he was going somewhere Spanish speaking, that I could understand. He's only been out for 2 months, and always has the best letters.
Devon Nitta: My half Japanese man!! I miss him terribly and now it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for my letters to get to Argentina and seems like an ETERNITY since I've talked to him via letters. But he sent me and Amelia a tape, which was him mostly talking about food, but it was sooooo nice to hear him talking in his white/japanese/black voice! Which reminds me, I need to send him a tape. He's been out for I think 8 months now? About that. I miss him!

JEFF!: So Jeff didn't have any missionary pictures either, maybe it was just Devon. But Jeff, I'm pretty sure I don't miss him as much as I know who, but I still miss him. He's such a ball of light, and so pure. I'm almost 100% positive that he will enjoy his mission. Unless he gets robbed or something, but knowing him, he'll see the silver lining and think that the person that robbed them needed their valuables more than they needed it.
FREAKIN GARETT!!!: I'm probably the worst friend when it comes to writing him, but I truly miss him with all my heart. He is sooooooo nice and sweet. I should write him. After this I will. Because I don't even know what's going on in his mission or how he is doing. Great, probably.
Neal: Yeah, I don't really miss him too much....because I don't honestly know him or got too close to him. But I feel like I am because Brother Rummler always talks about him at work. I wrote him once....but we'll see if he has the chance to write back. He's been out for 10-11 months? Something like that. He is worth putting in here because I know a lot about his mission.
David: Yes. I miss him. He's in Japan, and loving it! His mom constantly tells me how he's doing, and I just let her tell me. It's hard to hear stories about him, but I would rather have it that way then not hear about it at all. He's been out for approx. 8 months I think.

Those are the missionaries I can think of off the top of my head, and I feel like I'm missing one, but I guess those are the important ones?