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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh Christmas!!

the wonderful countdown of christmas is KILLING ME!! i hate not knowing what people are getting me. i love giving people presents but i hate keeping it a secret. and all i want for christmas is this yellow skirt and purple shirt from layersclothing but i dont think anyone got it for me. but i did tell them i wanted a puppy for christmas...maybe that will come true.

and i wish that we had a normal tree. not a fake one that looks pathetic and it was too late to put ornaments on it. a normal tree that you get from the tree farm and take it home and decorate it with lights and all sorts of stuff. and our fake one is very weak looking and i bet any of your christmas trees could beat it up.

but the goooood news. all my college friends are down for the break. me and becca still uphold our tradition of not getting eachother anything (but i might break it this year...maybe) and my sisters, sister in law, brothers, and brother in laws are all coming together and going to the wild animal park on christmas day. lets hope we dont kill eachother.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


i went amazing. four hour test went by so fast and the lady was so weird. but everything went smoooothly. english...i still dont understand all the rules and i can remember them all...but i understand it enough to pass that section. i hate how i dont know trigonometry that well enough to understand it. but the other math questions..a sinch! reading...some of those stories are roman collaseums. really who wants to know about that? but all the answers in the passages. science...not my strong point. at all. not one bit. but lets cross our fingers twice!! and hope i get a good enough score to get into byu idaho!!