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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Civil Defense Caves

oh yes. theres caves in idaho. who knew??

so the point of these caves is to explore, learn about caves, and best of guessed it.

HIDE and GO seek.

what you do is you get glow sticks, break them open and splatter them across the rock pile in the cave. then you splatter yourself. then the best part!! after your all done splattering then you pick someone to be it, and then while the person thats it counts, everyone else goes and hides where the splattered rocks are. so everyone else blends in. fun right? right?


today we (lauren, kelsey, seth, and jordan) went to the caves. first we got lost for awhile. then right before we got there yours truly had to go to the bathroom. in the wilderness. and so that set off a chain of events. lauren needed to go, then the boys, and kelsey was left outta the go to the bathroom in the wilderness trend. and then we went down in the caves with our version of our flashlights that were a light keychain, light saber iphone, and cellphone light. woooo hoooo. and then we played the game, we played four rounds, and jordan stepped on my head along with seths head. so funny. and then we got out of the caves. and then headed back. but on our way back there was a horse at the edge of the fence near the road. i had to pet it, i just had to. of course this horse doesnt trust me, but i touched it! and i wannnnna horse. and then we went to the crossroads, had a grand old time, and then went to DI. and yada yada yada...blah blah blah.

and the rest is history!

i got to touch a horse.