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Friday, February 27, 2009

Becca's Sleeping...shhhhh.

I have never noticed that she did snore. But right now. As I am typing. She is snoring!!! really loudly. it is 1:38, and this is what time shes usually asleep. but never has she snored. or she has and i just usually have the music really loudly. which also suprises me that she doesnt wake up to the music. but getting off track. i dont have music on and i can hear her snore. now im usually always over when becca has her "naps" (or comas as i like to call them) and today she is OUT. and there is wrangler and becca. wranglers just a camera hog, he just cant resist. but hes actually just licking my hand cause i just ate string cheese.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

20 Things I Need to Do Before I Go to COLLEGE!

1. Eat a hot cheeto without freaking out that it is so hot
2. Learn how to use the pen tool correctly on photoshop cs3
3. find more scholarships
4. go on a hike for a date
5. clean out my cluttery room
6. have a fun time at a dance without you know who
7. watch lars and the real girl
8. excercise
9. go to a ball/masquerade
10. go to carnival
11. get a job
12. get in a food fight at bjs
13. play my guitar on a street corner
14. keep improving beccas sense of style
15. learn how to cook from laurens expertise ways
16. actually bring a date when im with jeff&becca
17. get an A+ in English (may include bribes)
18. understand economics
19. go to ce fliore and have waffles&frozen yogurt
20. and go paintballing (beccas idea, im up for it)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Stick Shifts and Safety Belts-Cake

wow. that song just speaks to me. you definitely need a safety belt when learning stick shift driving. becca took the liberty of teaching me how to drive stick shift because my dad just decided to sell our only stick shift car (r.i.p. the datsun, well actually you cant r.i.p. a car that wasnt sent to the chop shop just was sold to someone else...but its r.i.p.'ing in my heart) when im about to learn how to drive.

so....becca was nice enough to teach me and it was really bumpy at first but i sorta kinda not really got the hang of it!! and then as im trying to slowly take the clutch off and then add on with the gas, neal and his xcountry runner buddies start walking out. so of course i get nervous that someone is watching and dont concentrate too well on the clutch and gas and...stall the car. so neal walks up and opens the car door. I KNOW...becca started to get really hostile. kinda like a mother over her baby cub kinda hostile. and shes thinking "when did he think it was okay to touch my car, and even open my door" so neal asks what are you guys doing? are you trying to teach her stick. and kinda rambles on and on....and he says parker you show her how to drive stick. then becca gets really heated because 1. you dont step in on beccas territory and try and take over and 2. its neal and his friends and theyre a bunch of xcountry airhead jerks. and so this kid says okay put only your left hand on the wheel, foot on the clutch, and go. well if it was that easy i wouldve GOTTEN IT!!! later meandbecca found out parker didnt know how to drive stick. but after about an hour my left leg cramped up from pushing the clutch in so many times.

Friday, February 6, 2009


enjoying my friday. as mr hansen from sports med class always says "its chill buddy"
talking on facebook to mehlanie from build a bear
confirming beccas thoughts that 8+6 does in fact equal 14. and she's in AP classes.
wishing i had hot cocoa cause it was raining.
listening to moulin rouge soundtrack
still trying to contemplate on whether i should drop scuba diving or not.
using an electrical powered knife that cuts FOR you!
trying to get a job anywhere thats somewhat pleasant
figuring out whether quesadillas or bananas are better food objects
inventing whats already invented
scholarships....and more scholarships
and counting down the days to byu-idaho!!!