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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Many Reasons Why I Very Much Dislike My Singles Ward

1. The fact that there is drama

2. Everyone dates each other, and no one is attractive
3. The forced social get togethers
4. The forced social get togethers are planned at my house without my consent, and then no one comes over
5. That I carry on conversations with the leaders more than I do with people my own age
6. That everyone is getting married or engaged.
7. That I have to make small talk with my peers
8. None of the talks during sacrament meeting are even somewhat remotely about the gospel
9. There is a "cool" group
10. That my dearest Becca is not there to make fun of everyone there with me

BUT the only thing getting my through this is letters from Aaron Light, boy oh boy. He is doing awesome as well. I hope he never reads this, and he never knows how much I actually talk about him. Which is a lot. No one show him my blog. At the end of this month it will have been a year since he left for the MTC. I've never missed a week writing him, and hopefully I never do. I just like him a lot. Like a lot a lot. And it seems like he's never coming home because time goes by so slowly in Cypress. I blame it all on the Singles Ward. There is no other reason.
My Becca Boo is in Florida. And I secretly want to visit her, but times a tickin' and it's a lot of money. But it's Disneyworld and there's Harry Potter world too!! Maybe I'll just take my honeymoon there. Not with my husband, but with Becca, when she goes back to Florida to visit.

Nothing is happening except I still haven't seen the end of Iron Man. Which brings me to my trip to Utah. It was fun. Conference was fun! I got to go in for the Sunday morning sesh and see the Music and Spoken Words. (I think that's what it was called) But there are too many couples in Utah, and it's too Mormon for me. Rexburg is perfect that way. Other than that, it's just been work, work, and more work. And with this gloomy rainy weather, I don't really care to do anything else. No more beach...:(