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Friday, October 15, 2010

Being Sick


whenever youre going through life and your super busy and exhausted you want to just have a day or two to relax. but then when you do get that chance and your sick all you want to do is get better and go do something! I dont get it.
Anyways. Just have been home. With the stomach flu, which is my least favorite form of sickness. I've been locked up in my room for the past 2 days because my mom is afraid I'm going to give it to someone. On the brighter side of things, at least I'm losing weight? Right?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So yes, I did go to Montana. Everyone says, "You're crazy!! Why did you go?" or "Why are you going?" Yes it was for a boy. I've never done that before, and let me tell you, would not change this past weekend for anything!! Unless it was my future husband. But seriously, it was an awesome experience to go up to Montana again.

So, his name is Aaron Light. And this is where it gets even crazier. He's leaving on his mission in 3 weeks. Yes, he is still going on his mission. I didn't stray him off any path, girls are not that evil. He knows what he's doing and is on the straight and narrow path, and I swear if he even thought about staying for anything that was associated with me (which I know he would not) I would probably set him straight, and slap him. He is going to be an awesome missionary.

Anyways. So the trip. He picked me up from the airport and we went to go jump start his car, which ended up not working. So we went back to his house, to go get the EXCURSION, which was this HUGE van. Not even joking. But his little sisters were there and they remembered me! And they are the cutest most funniest girls ever. They are just a crack up. (I sound like a mother talking about her children to her friends). But after that we went to Wal-Mart to go get shot gun shells, then to his friend Dave's house. We were just trying to figure out what to do for the day, and I shot some gun that looked like one of those crazy army guns. And then we went hunting with his friend Mason, cause he was leaving on his mission on Wednesday which is actually tomorrow! Crazzyyy. And then we went to go see the Social Network movie which was amazing, and thats when I saw KELLEY and SHELBY!!! I love them. To death and back. We all went to Denny's, and Kelley had at least 8 pancakes, it was nuts. And then I went back to Dave's house and fell asleep.

Saturday, I woke up. Hung out with Aaron and we were going to go paint balling but it was raining, but I went shopping at Good Will instead!! Yeah for trips with KELLEY and SHELBY. Then we went bowling and I totally rocked! Not! Saturday wasn't as eventful but it was still just nice.

Sunday, we woke up went to singles ward and went back to Shelby's house where I jumped on the trampoline until family ward, and then I headed home

It was seriously the best! I freaking love Montana and I want to move there. But apparently it's cold all the time. All well.