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Sunday, February 22, 2009

20 Things I Need to Do Before I Go to COLLEGE!

1. Eat a hot cheeto without freaking out that it is so hot
2. Learn how to use the pen tool correctly on photoshop cs3
3. find more scholarships
4. go on a hike for a date
5. clean out my cluttery room
6. have a fun time at a dance without you know who
7. watch lars and the real girl
8. excercise
9. go to a ball/masquerade
10. go to carnival
11. get a job
12. get in a food fight at bjs
13. play my guitar on a street corner
14. keep improving beccas sense of style
15. learn how to cook from laurens expertise ways
16. actually bring a date when im with jeff&becca
17. get an A+ in English (may include bribes)
18. understand economics
19. go to ce fliore and have waffles&frozen yogurt
20. and go paintballing (beccas idea, im up for it)