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Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I Have Heard Today

But are the total opposite of what the people really said. the first one is what i thought they said and the next will be what they really said

do you want onion juice-do you want noo noos(noodle, becca)

karina get the house phone-becca get the house phone(sis mattson)


laurens having a baby!-lauren has plants in her house(carissa)

dancers-denser(the killers, still dont know which one to believe)

take these suckers down-tape these suckers down(katy perry-one of the boys)

its name is miracle!-its name is marcie. (ok i just cant read, but it was a dog i found in my neighborhood and i thought its name was miracle. but becca corrected me by looking at the tag more closely)

oh devon your treating us to in n out since i came with you to the dance(me)-hey i didnt say anything(devon) ok actually i just really wanted some french fries and you have to make them think that they are being a gentleman. works everytime!!

my explanation of why i cant hear very well.

my moms and mine convos

mom:karina what did i ask you to do

me:i did it.

mom:no karina...what did i ask you

me:i did it


me:well mom i knew you were gonna make me say clean my room and then you were gonna say yes and did you do that? and then i wouldve said yes i did it. so i just decided to say that part in my head and skip a couple thoughts instead of saying them

mom:wait what?

oh the wonders of having such a brilliant daughter...i know. so maybe i cant hear what anybody is really saying cause im skipping over so many thoughts and im predicting what you will say in the future.