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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the election

its finally over! after 14 hours working in the polls for the election it is finally over. it felt like forever but it took longer than that. with 5 crabby old women that are all friends and like to call us young adults "hoodlums" it felt long. it was a nice experience to see it all happen but overall waste of my time. i couldve worked or gone to school which wouldve been way more of a satisfaction. and when you have the other kids working with you that are suck ups to the crabby old women it makes you feel like the time just expands.

my whole day....spent on sitting there giving people there "i voted" stickers and sitting there while i felt lazier than ever. i would have to walk around cause my legs would get so stiff.

but other than all that. it was historical. yeah for a half black president.