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Friday, February 10, 2012

First Post of the New Year!!

Wow. I need to update this more often. Not for my "fans" or should I say "fan" (you know who you are...Beccca.) But I have been mucho busy. Just same old same old, work and more work! But since my little Landon is leaving for the Philippines this coming February 22nd, he is jamming every thing he's ever wanted to do ever! And I am lucky enough to be included.
1. First off, I got to see Conan O'brien, TWICE!! The first time was Shaun White, this comedian from the new show Key&Peele, and the musical guest is not worth mentioning because they were crap. It was crazy though to see the studio and all that jazz. The second time was Martin Short(adore him!), this actor from the show Walking Dead...ZOMBIES!!...and the music guest was Dr. Dog.
2. I've been going to a lot of concerts. The number I've gone to in the past couple months is the most I've been to in my entire life combined. I went to Growlers, Augustana, Graffiti6, Lana del Rey, and now Dr. Dog!! I saw them on Wednesday on Conan and then tonight! And I'm going to see the Asteroids Galaxy Tour on V-day, Slow Club, and Edward Sharp! If you are truly my friend, you will like at least one of those bands. The ones I have been to have been fantastic, some more crazy than others. I like being a girl because I can push a guy but if he pushes back every one takes him for a douche bag and grabs him, throws him, and asks if I'm okay. If you're wondering, yes that did happen. Also a guy asked for my number. I gave it to him. He was a sweetheart. I have no intention of ever calling him. I guess I should've told him I don't have texting. All well!
3. Movies! So many midnight showings. Chronicle is so amazing!! If my kids are reading this, you are going to see this movie. I just love super power movies. I still love superhero movies, but when they inherit powers and just kind of do whatever they want with them, it's just more practical for me. Because not every person thinks "oh yeah, I must be a superhero now!" It's the noble thing to do, but not everyone thinks to do it. But back to movies, there are supposed to be a ton of awesome movies coming out this year like HUNGER GAMES!!! and yadadadadadada. The rest of them aren't that important.
But yeah. Life is pretty great here in Cypress, but it's just because Landon is here, and Devon just got back! He honestly hasn't changed at all. He's matured a lot, but he's still same old funny awesome Devon.
It's still sunny in California! I can still wear dresses, so be jealous all of you other states that are wearing scarves and gloves!! It's been a warm winter. Especially since my summer was robbed half the time from freaking the coldest summer I have ever remembered in California.

But I must be going to bed, it's 2:32.

Hasta luego, internet!


Becca said...

you spelled my name wrong.

Karina Coleman said...

give me a break, it was 1:30 in the morning, and i was typing fast.