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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

To those who still read my blog

As of right now I started to stalk my blog and realized that I haven't blogged since November. And it's definitely April. April's actually coming to an end. Oh geez. I'm terrible at documenting. I know I say that every time but I feel the need to say it always. Quick update on my life.

I finished 3 straight semesters at BYU Idaho
I am currently doing my internship at Mountain River Vet Clinic in Rigby, ID
I live above the clinic.
I still have my late night custodial job, but I strip and wax floors. I know, fascinating.
I have a boyfriend named Levi Nation.
He's pretty awesome.
And handsome.
My roommate Anna got her mission call to Fortworth, Texas.
She's leaving me. Forever.
Not really. But seriously.

And that's about it. I feel bad if I forgot something. But too bad! Because I'm always butt tired and I keep forgetting things, like showering. I love life, and I cannot wait until I actually get paid to be a Vet Tech. It'll be awesome! I love seeing all these surgeries and cleaning teeth (which is pretty much what I have been doing) and I cannot wait until I graduate in 3 SEMESTERS!!! So I'll be done Fall 2014, which seems like forever, but hopefully it will fly by at the speed I'd like it too. But it never seems to.