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Monday, August 23, 2010


i know i know. its only august. but then its september!! and the OCTOBER!!!! my favorite holiday month. ohhhhh yeahhh...

so these are my ideas for costume ideas. even though halloween this year is on a sunday im still gonna go trick or treating on saturday. that is if everyones ready for me.


this years choices are!!!..........

dress up superhero
(act like a little kid dressing up as a superhero!!)
split personality
(cut two outfits in half and sew them together, extremes next to each other)
freak of nature
(put leaves in my hair and on my body and wear a shirt that says freak)
prom queen reject
(wear a sash that says prom reject on the front and reject on the back and wear ugly glasses, hair teased, socks, and sneakers)

and those are all the ideas i have right now, but i only went through 20 pages out of the 69.
this is the website.

but i think i might go with the first one. superhero