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Monday, August 16, 2010


there is only one person at this exact moment(and hopefully forever and ever) that makes me laugh so hard. and dat is KENDRA!!! she is so


i honestly cannot get enough of her. she always cheers me up and i love that about her. she is the most devoted friend i have ever had. she is my twin and i never have to try and be funny with her it just comes naturally between us. i love the way she says my name. if she was a man, i would be married by now. but shes not. so dang.

i wish we couldve lived next to each other our whole lives. i wouldve enjoyed my life a lot more. not that my life sucks, but it wouldve been a really nice add on if kendra was there.

we would facebook for hours even though we were in the same room at school
she would think of the best topics to talk about

shes kind of my soulmate. in a way. id go gay for her. maybe. yeah i would