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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Semester, Here I Come

One thing that they should really think about fixing is the byu-idaho website. I think this is the first time that I have actually hated byu-idaho. well just their website. when everyone tried to get onto their account the server just didnt know what to do with everyone and crashed. thankfully my friend, kyle's, computer was working and he was on facebook at the time. so he registered for my classes. i just dont want him getting the wrong idea that i like him back. yeah thats right i said back. he has already asked me out to dinner. and we have a month!!! were not even up there!!! but anyways.....i owe him a back scratch for registering for me. but here are my classes.

Beginning German M/T/W/Th 10:15-11:15

Science Foundation M/W 11:30-12:30

Child Development M/W 3:15-4:45

World Foundation T/Th 12:45-1:45

Book of Mormon T/Th 8:00-10:00

The reason I am taking German is because 1. I need 12 credits and I only had 9 without German. 2. It'll be fun, because how many people do you know that learn how to speak German, besides foreign exchange students and people that are taking this class too. 3. Sure it might be the death of me for a class that I don't even need but it'll be a challenge.

I really needed a CHILD 150 class because that actually gets me into a lot of the other classes that I need for my major. But the CHILD 120 class that I'm taking should be a good start. I'm debating between two minors. I know I shouldn't be too worried about my minor but all of the minors seem really interesting. There's clothing construction which would be really nice for when I decided to make doll clothes for my preschool. Or I could minor in Culinary Arts which would be more practical because I could use this in my preschool or at home. I think I just actually convinced myself which minor I want. Culinary here I come. Oh and the picture is Rylie and Kenzie.