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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roommates of Abbington West House

"It's not a big deal...." -Atsuko

"You BOMBED our country!" -Fritzsche

Courtesy of a conversation after watching Pearl Harbor

Oh my new roommates, all nine of them, are a joy.

Let's start with Kendra! She was my FHE sister last semester, and now she is my roommate. I freakin love her!! Her random sayings, that she cries because she is watching Lost, which I do when I watch Grey's Anatomy, and she has introduced me to so many new and amazing bands/singers. She makes me laugh so hard and she has the cutest freckles on her face!! And I love that she can pull off glasses, and she even looks hot with glasses off. You know those weird people that it just looks weird if you take their glasses they look awful?? Well not her. I wish I was as cool and funny as her.

Then there is Erin, who is the oldest of 3, and reminds me so much of my sister Krystal. She knows what she wants, keeps a tidy home (just the way I like it) and has great taste in music. I can talk to her about important things and she always apologizes, even if it's not her fault. She definitely can pull off short hair, and has the prettiest blue eyes. She is very hardworking and loves to sing, and she is going to be spectacular in being a vocal teacher!

Now there is Kelley, who is from Montana and tells it like it is. She is our FHE Mom and does a freakin fantastic job at doing it! At first I didn't understand her humor, but now it is growing on me. I don't know her to well yet, but everyday I am getting to know her more and more. She loves to talk about boys, which I like doing to, and she is very observant.

Lauren, aka Fritzsche, is my dose of humor. I can't even to begin how hilarious she is. I am so sad she is transferring to some school in Arizona and I am going to miss her. She's got a juicy butt and I can't help but look at it all the time. She is gorgeous also. I also love it when she wakes up.

Then there is the other Lauren, who is not LDS, but I LOVE HER. She is such a good listener, and has taught me to be even more open to new ideas and religious beliefs. Her elephant tatoo makes me smile, but makes Kendra smile even more, because she loves elephants. She thinks she looks old, but she just doesnt know that shes just in her prime age. She's going to be looking hawt another 25 years or more.

Oh Michelle, she is such a sweetheart, like one of those candy hearts that say I love you on it. She is so kind and giving and just full of joy. She is so humble and an amazing singer/guitar player. If she read this she would probably be saying "that's not true" or "oh stop it." She is so cute, and always says, goodnight girls I love you, which I look forward to every night.

Amanda!! She transferred here from BYU Hawaii. I know right? Who would want to do that, but it has something to do with her major, and it's offered here or something like that. She is so sweet, down to her voice! She has these cute little dimples and she's so tan and blonde! But sweet!! Those things rarely go together. I cannot get over how sweet she is! She has a lot of guys that like her, but she doesnt believe it. It's true though.

Our Japanese spice, Atsuko. Her name means hot child, and she is too funny for her own good. I don't even know if she secretly knows she's funny, but she is. I love talking to her about the differences between Japan and American culture, it's so amazing to hear it. And I like the way she cooks, and her smile is pretty.

Megan is the last of the household members. She has an amazing voice and has guys running after her. She is funny and loves adventures with me. She is very passionate about music and I love that she is.

I love them all, and I am so lucky to get great roommates once again.