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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sundays are the best

Today I went to church, one half of an hour late. That was not my fault but my roommates. They take an hour to get ready without a shower. It takes me 15 minutes to get ready without a shower. I know right? You're probably wondering, "Karina, how do you do that??" Well my friends, talent. Pure, raw, talent.

Afterwards, Lauren and I went over to Pateux's (prounounced Patoosh) because he owed us food for doing a favor for him, some weird focus group which they fed us there also. His mama and him made fettuccine alfredo with chicken.....sooooo flipping good. This is while his roommates were playing the Wii and being boys....they just make me laugh of how worked up they get from these games. But then again I'm probably the same way when I'm playing video games too. And I massaged a black guys feet, his nickname is Pepito. When I said, "Oh, so little Pepe?" He said, "No, just Pepito." He's from Montreal and he was very surprised that I knew that was in Canada.

Oh, also last night was Lauren's second surprise birthday party. She's 20!!! It's crazy, she still seems 19 to me, but shes 20!!! She got a lot of presents from her mama Claspell and her family. She deserves them so much. The presents and family, I meant. And then I went to go watch Beauty and the Beast with Will Gierke. I haven't seen it in awhile and they added a new song and we thought we just completely forgot about it. I love that movie so much!!!

Then I came home and the pasta made me so tired that I slept a straight 4 hours. It felt so nice, but once again my schedules off......this is the second nap I've taken this weekend.