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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Trip to PORTLAND!!...and part of Washington

Well, well, well....I have been gone for a little while. And let the record show that I did go to Ensenada, Mexico before this, but I did take pictures on my disposable camera (keepin' it old school) and I knew that Brittany was going to post all these pictures on facebook, especially the ones I liked. So what we didn't get pictures of was me around the city, which I love, going to the Farmer's Market, which was ALSO very amazing. It was like a swap meet for food, and you got to try all of these AMAZING foods which were all organic and fresh! I bought some smoked salmon which tastes awesome and some homemade pear apple juice, all organic, no added sugar. And I also got this little pixie stick shaped honey thing, which was SO GOOD. And we went to this amazing crepe place called Le Happy, best crepes I've ever had in my entire life. We went shopping but mostly to look and not buy because everything is super expensive because it's all little boutiques. The church is a little weird here because it's a branch, and you've got really rich fancy people and homeless, former gays and former girls that are guys and vice versa, which is freakin' sweet because where else can you find an LDS church branch likethat. My favorite thing about here is the food, by far. And the outdoorsy-ness of the city, and all the GREEN! Everywhere! But I guess rain is the price they have to pay in order to get all that green.
another place in washington.
this is me, trying to get the jammed key out of the lock. thank GOODNESS that the door opened, or else we wouldve left gretel, the dog inside there for awhile, and she wouldve thrown up, because she did oustide
the view from brittanys apartment at night, with the free lights i put around the balcony area. sooooo pretty to look at
our hike that we never went on!!
abbey road. dog style?
some place in washington as well with a gorgeous view. some guy took it and made it blurry but that is alright, you get the "picture"
this is in washington, and i really like jumping the same way in every picture. but its so fun
the view on the way to brittanys apartment