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Sunday, July 4, 2010

This GRAND Fourth of July Weekend

Well lemme tell you, I have not had a great weekend like this in a long time!!! Not counting going to California for a couple days obviously. Man, I cannot wait until I get home, I miss it so much. there's Kyle Smith and Brian Ward in our little family ward up in Rexburg, Idaho. They are the sweetest guys. Well mostly Kyle. He's going to be some sort of politician and spending America's independence day with him was a hoot. He's all about America and the most patriotic guy I've met. Anyways so him, me, my roommate Megan, and Brian all went out on Friday. Kyle is such a sweetheart that he invited us to go since everyone in the house left for the weekend. He invited us to go river rafting, which him and I did, and then Megan and Brian went four wheeling. Talking with Kyle alone was really nice, he talks a lot. He's going to be a really good and generous politician. He paid for my snacks. Anyways, it was so nice just floating down the river for a couple hours with him. My Indian name was tree bearer and his was running water. The gross part about it was all of the bugs that were attached to my legs....DISGUSTING. I could not stand it! Then we came back and watched Red Eye with Jon and Sydney, and that was nice.

Then on Saturday, in Idaho Falls there was a firework show going on at 10 pm. Well we had to get their early to get a nice spot obviously, so we got there at 4 pm. So what did we do for 6 hours?? Well we walked down to the little fair area with all of the music and booths with information and food. I got some good corn with who knows what smothered on it. Then we just walked around the whole river area and I met some new people. Then there was a little nap in between after walking forever, and then we met up with Joe and his friend Lance, who I could not help but call him Sir Lance A Lot. He was a crackup though. We went back to all of the booths and they were patient enough to let me choose what to eat, which consisted of some really good tamales and donut holes. was really good. Then we went back to our spot and waited more for the fireworks. Now Kyle had gotten the update on these fireworks, something like 17,000 fireworks 500 a minute. Crazy right?? Well the crazy part was that we were close enough that when we laid down they were right above us, and all of the debris came down on us and got in our eyes. That part wasn't as cool, but still we were REALLY close. It twas fun and exciting and loud and so worth it. Then we walked back to the car and I fell asleep on the way home.

Then on Sunday I woke up at 1230. I woke up to a movie. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days which turned into Obsessed, then 17 again, and Just Married, and the Crazies, and lastly the Newsies. I have literally been sitting on my butt just relaxing all day watching movies. I don't remember the last time I did this. This is how I celebrate the REAL fourth of July, by just relaxing. I just like to think I'm recovering from these past two days.