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Monday, July 20, 2009

for my memory

my summer has been great, thanks for asking.

i am writing things i have done so far so in the summer of 2009 so it doesnt seem like a blur.

-gone to the beach but havent gotten in yet. strange.

-got a boyfriend. that shouldve been first but i was so worried about the beach for some reason

-still working at the daycare. which gets better and better everyday.(seriously and sarcastically)

-went to the circus, that was fun

-went to the st. ireanus carnival

-went to nauvoo, illinois. which consisted of going everywhere and anywhere. and also in the state of missouri

-gone mini golfing

-going to laughlin nevada

-going to main street a lot lately

-gone to a beach concert

-going to arizona (excited!)


-harbor house...mmmm yummy


-put my feet in the marshlands

-talked on the phones for 5 1/2 hours!!!

-watched glee

-went to a dodgers game

-michael jackson died. thats not really what i did this summer but i just remembered it

-got my haircut

-won a plant

-fallen in love with arrested development

and thats my summer so far. theres more but my memory...not so great.