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Friday, June 26, 2009

So...It's My Birthday

my birthday consisted of:

lots of phone calls from the familia and amigos
trying to go to the carnival but realized it didnt open till 6
driving and walking down to main st with chris gutierrez
laying on the ever so soft sand that felt more like an amazing bed
facebooking in between
getting fingerprinted for work which was RIDICULOUS
walking on the pier
going to bucca di beppo with sisters and momma
getting the most amazing presents from amelia, chris, kaylene, momma, and kandice
(becca im still waiting for mine!)
attempting stick shift but never seemed to get around to it......
eating zuchinni fries at pauls place...mmmmm.....
getting a lot of happy birthdays on facebook
and thats about it

this is what happens when i turn 18. and now toilet papering and sleep over at amelias house.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Why yes, yes it has been awhile. and sis lighthall has guilted me into keeping a journal and this is the closest thing i have to a journal.

but the newest updates

im graduating june 16 and its june 3!!! excited. and im ignoring the fact that i slept into today on purpose cause school has been pointless. and i just wanted a taste of what summer is gonna be like.

i have completed FOUR FREAKIN YEARS OF SEMINARY!!! sooooo happy. no more waking up early. no more being sleep deprived. except when i go to college and ive gotta pull all nighters. and of course when i have kids and there crying for their mama at 3 in the morning. but other than that no more sleep deprivation.

i have a fun, yet stressful job, that i oddly love to do. working at the at home daycare. i would love it more if it was in a real facility but i cant have everything i wish for. it would be nice though.

i had a cat. it lasted for exactly a week. until i just realized i wasnt a cat person after deep meditation and id rather not have claws digging into my legs everytime i get ready for school. becca hates me for it. but its out of my house and its in a good home. even though oliver (cats name, tabby) thinks im his mother. which im not. but in his mind i am.

i am doubting whether or not i should be a elementary school teacher. blanca at work said i should be a pediatritian. she said she could picture me doing that and cant picture me being a school teacher. but who knows. i want to be a lot of things. like a massage therapist, interior designer, work at pixar, put music in movies, music teacher, photo editor, traveler, just something amazing!

melissa got married. it was weird to see her in a wedding dress and to think shes a wife and thats her husband. but theres so cute together. even though shes only 18.

im counting down the days till byu-i. im so excited. i just had a dream about it last night. that we were just taking this long trip and we were walking. and all of a sudden there was an earthquake and i was in this building where i had to get chased out of. it was so strange. they should start to hook my brain up to a machine and try and figure out whats wrong with me. that or make a movie out of it. but yeah! im really excited for byu-i

i got student of the year award in preschool class. it was such a nice plaque too. and then i got a nomination for photo also. and everyone knew about it at school the next day cause i didnt go to the awards. and they said i got two plaques and not just one. but the lady said nope just one. all well. maybe she'll find it and say "oh i was wrong."

and my new (but old) music obsessions

arctic monkeys eddie vedder carolina liar the rescues
everclear andrew bird eva kassidy emilie mover
regina spektor fiona apple brazillian girls liam finn
cage the elephant wilco emiliana torrini demi lovato
mgmt the decemberists brett dennen clap your hands and say yeah
the kooks tom petty erin mccarley what made milwaukee famous
everybody else cake the bird and the bee oren lavie

there is much much more but im hungry and want some delicious breakfast.